You can’t lose what is there for you, written for you, DIVINED for you, when you follow truth.

You will always be guided and you WILL always know,

– when it’s time to act
– what it is to say
– whether or not a thing is true
– whether or not it’s for YOU

You’re continual searching, seeking, desperately wanting to KNOW more is born from a worry that you can’t actually trust yourself to know. That you’re going to get it wrong. That you’re going to miss a sign, a moment, a truth; something you ‘shoulda woulda coulda’. That RIGHT NOW YOU ARE PROBABLY SCREWING UP YOUR LIFE IN SOME WAY.

“I have to know I have to know I have to know! I have to CHOOSE right, GET it right, KNOW right! What do YOU think? What do you think about what I think? What do you think I think about what I think? Help!”

Shut up.

And think about this –

in the moments when you know

a move to make
an action to take
a reality to shake

you do.fucking.know.

You DO know what it feels like to have definite certainty. You DO know what it feels like when God speaks a direct command to you, or when you hear something ABSOLUTE from within.

You DO know what clear and direct guidance is.


You’ve felt it a million times over, and been certain.

So why on earth are you subscribing to an idea of NOT trusting in your own inner certainty, or your ability to hear from and know God, truth, soul, you?

Why are you letting fear, and your terror of missing out, not being good enough, not worthy, cloud you so fully that you feel as though it’s REAL that you can’t connect in to truth?

It’s not real.
It’s not true.
And it’s also not fucking RESPONSIBLE, to your LIFE, to act as though you don’t know and CAN’T be certain.

And maybe the issue is this –

You’re looking for an answer in an area where you’re being told to wait.
You’re freaking out and thinking you should know more in an area where you know enough, and exactly what you need for now.
Or you simply don’t like the guidance you’re getting right now, and so you’re making the story one of just NOT knowing, and needing to figure OUT the knowing, when in fact you do fucking know.

So if you knew …
And you knew that you knew …
And you TRUSTED that you know WHEN you know …
Because you ABSOLUTELY know that you know what it feels like WHEN you know …

What would you know for right now?
What would the ONE next move be, in that area you so long to see change?
And what would you now, with a hefty exhale perhaps, ACCEPT, in another area?

I know you know how to trust in your knowing.
I know you know what it feels like.
And I know you are brave enough to face up to what you know,
and to quit today the cycle of spinning your wheels endlessly in an idea that you have to keep thinking, figuring out, and freaking out, in an area where the message is actually motherfucking simple,

and so now it’s just a matter of if you dare.

But really the question we need to be asking ourselves here,
is how dare I not?


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