The mathematics of getting to where that elusive next level is real and normal, of planting your flag beyond where you can see and then GOING there, are a lot simpler than you think.

Maybe you’re one of those interesting creatures who has never thought about intention, and the creating of an outcome, stepping into a ‘not-yet-quite-seen’ vision as remotely relevant to math, but me? I like to bring everything back to simple (or quantum, which is, incidentally, also relatively simple … get it haha) math and science, and here’s why –

It means that we can take the so-called impossible, and very methodically, very pragmatically, very inarguably, make it not only possible, but obvious, straight-forward, and of course.

It means that we can take a conversation around magic, and manifesting, and snapping into the physical from the quantum, and reduce it into simple a’s, b’s, and c’s, which your conditioned thinking mind can get behind, and no longer wriggle away from.

It means that we can take something you may otherwise consider as vague, out of reach, not really what you want, because otherwise surely you’d know more or see more, and make it: and then she just DID.

Now look –

I get that you might be thinking it’s a little unromantic to take the mystery outta the energetic and supernatural realms and reduce it to math. Fuck you, Kat! And besides, maybe YOU are such a mystical and tapped in creature that it’s not required. You already know you are magic! And you create from beyond continually. Your mind was in fact just then crafting a response to me to that effect. Just so we’re all clear on the fact that you already GET it. All of it! In which case –


And carry on with what you’re already doing, which is, I presume, perpetually pulling down into your physical reality what was once more so beyond, and never EVER failing to all in back yourself on that continual unknown!

Butttttt –

if you’re like the rest of us mere mortals which is to say supernatural beings with oh so heavenly powers who sometimes forget to use ’em –

this may help.

>> You don’t have to know what it is you’re aligning to to choose the next level reveal. You just gotta choose it ANYWAY. <<<

This is:



Allowing the natural GRADUAL furtherment of the reveal / specifics

And math

In this case, here is how the math goes:

Axiom: we accept as true (bc it is mofo useful to do so, and makes sense on a soul level) that whatever we are shown is real, available, and available now. Thus, if a dream or wonderment, however partially formed, comes to you – it’s available. It’s real. It is TRUE.

Desire: “I want to increase my income”.

Your mind will pipe up, perhaps, and make its own (conditioned) assumptions:

“That’s not possible! Or, it’s not possible without it being AT THE COST of something you don’t wanna do!”

Perhaps your mind accepts the possibility of more income. But only with MORE time and effort. Or, your mind accepts the possibility of more income with LESS time and effort … but only if it’s by doing something you don’t really wanna do.

However! We have accepted as true that whatever we are shown is real, true, available, so we know (for starters) that more income is available.

If you do not accept the axiom, go to jail, go directly to jail, and you may not collect $200. You can come out when you sit with your soul for long enough to understand your own true beliefs.

Now, remember that we accept as true that WHATEVER we are shown is real, available, for us, and now. Even if we’re only partially shown! So our DESIRE, following our axiom, now becomes an axiom (or assumption) itself. A conclusion, even! ‘Evidence as real’.

Assumption A: More income is available

If our axiom is true, this also means that ‘B’ (something else we are shown) has to be true, and in this case ‘B’ is:

“I want to do so (increase my income) with LESS time and effort input”.

We also must accept ‘C’ as true, which is:

“And I want it to be in a way which ONLY lights me TF up, makes me feel amazing from the inside out, and is a TOTAL soul yes”.

At this point, let’s assume the obvious:

Mind: “You crazy freaking deluded woman! If that were possible you’d already know how! You’d already have done it! And besides, you already tried! You already KNOW that if you wanna increase your income you have to be willing to blah blah blah”, I fell asleep.

Except –


Our axiom is true. We know that whatever we are shown is real and available.

This means that our assumptions A, B, and C, respectively are true, meaning –

“It is possible for me to increase my income with less time and effort, and in a way which is an absolute fuck yes for me”.


We can now, and indeed must now, assume that D is true. D being – the ‘how’ of this particular equation.

The mind does not know ‘D’, is convinced ‘D’ does not exist or it would already know it (oh, funny mind! So cute!), and will do everything possible to tell you that ‘D’ is not possible. The mind likes to stay comfortable, and do what it understands and is good at. So, this makes sense. Mathematically πŸ˜‰

However, WE know that A, B and C are true which means that D MUST be true, it DOES exist. With this information, what does the mind (once in grudging or happy acceptance!) therefore HAVE to do?

It has to come up with D! It will either find it, or at some point allow it to be revealed. Our equation and analysis has led us to this being a non-negotiable conclusion. It is now impossible for D to NOT appear. D.has.to.exist. And your minds mere understanding of this truth will ALLOW it (D) to come to physical fruition.

Don’t you love how freakin’ simple this stuff is?!

Don’t you love how it puts you on the SPOT, to now HAVE to start choosing beyond what you otherwise would have been shown? We have used a simple process to plant you into a position of being unable to refute the fact that your next level is ABSOLUTELY there, and that if you’ve no idea how … that has nothing to do with whether or not there is a how!

Here is what else:

It is not your job to come up with D. You didn’t ‘come up with’ A, B, or C. They came to you in some form. On repeat, likely. The same will occur with D.

So what is your job?

Keep on saying yes to EVERYTHING you are shown and ‘wish you could’ or know you MUST say yes to. Disregard the bits you don’t know, because you know they exist, and you know they do so in a way where ALL of your desires get to be met. There is no ‘at the cost of’, unless you choose it.

And then, go on the journey. You wouldn’t expect to understand the intricacies of making your way around a new town until you’ve actually physically done it. Why would you expect something else when going on a journey to a new you?!

What this comes down to is simple. Math simple! And that is this:

All you need is the mofo vibe,

and then you say yes.