Success/Success Mindset


And she wondered, ‘what am I actually scared of here?’

The fear-mind was quick to answer –

‘I’m scared of people losing interest in me. Of them no longer wanting me, of me not being good enough to captivate, keep their interest, BUILD this thing into what I dream of it being, you know?!’

But the soul had other things to say about that –

‘Stand in your power. BE who you are. You are fucking magnetic when you let yourself BE you. And that’s all there is to that!

Stop worrying about it 

You KNOW you are safe, loved, worthy of ALL things your heart desires, and if it’s not this venture right here, if your so-called deepest fears come true and they all just don’t WANT you anymore, then that is perfect, and aligned, and it will be something even better.

So, as always, there’s nothing you need to do, but always (when called) action to take …’

And she said to herself softly –

‘Yes. I am safe. I am loved. I know exactly what to do. So, why do I feel that needy energy sometimes, like – 

I want, I have to, I must see things growing faster, the likes and comments mounting, the PROOF that it’s working and it’s going to be okay?

Well –

Partly validation, it’s true. The desire to have EVIDENCE of being worthy or wanted.

But actually it’s also just a desire for that attention.

A desire to be seen.

A desire to be heard.

A desire to be wanted.

And actually that’s okay …’


Here is what you need to know and understand, about the incredible power of being deeply vulnerable:

The ONLY way you can ever have the freedom you so desperately crave, is to stop living in fear.

Money won’t give you freedom, it doesn’t matter how much of it you have.

Attention won’t give you freedom, even from the whole damn WORLD.

Being told you’re loved, wanted, cool, badass, hot as fuck, desired – none of these things will give you freedom.

If you’re looking to get to a certain level so that you then feel SAFE and like you are VALIDATED and PHEW, you clearly made it to the top, and LOOK, here’s proof, then you need to stop and understand something:

You’ll never get there.

You’ll reach each new level, the point where you thought it would be enough and you’d be able to relax, enjoy yourself, BASK in that freedom, and you’ll realise as soon as you GET there, that fuck –

I still don’t feel safe.
I still don’t feel worthy.
I still don’t feel loved.
I still freaking feel like it’s all just a house of cards, and it could be snatched away at any moment!



There’s only one way out of this, don’t you see?

There’s only one thing for it!

There’s only one POSSIBILITY here –

You gotta let go, gorgeous.

You can do this right now …

Let go of looking for likes.
(or love)
Being told you’re a badass, or cool, or wanted, or that you’re doing it right.
Let go of having to get to a certain point, get certain proof, get certain feedback.

It doesn’t mean you can’t desire these things, intend to have them, expect it and also of course GET it!

But it will come when you realise you don’t NEED it in order to feel complete, whole, happy, safe.

And here is what else:

You must give in to COMPLETE vulnerability.

A no holds barred life.

Imagine … just imagine – !

If you always said what was on your mind …

If you didn’t hold a single thing back …

If you repeatedly let what’s inside of you come out …

If you stopped LIVING from FEAR, on the big things but also EVERY little thing.

Moment by moment –


And letting what’s inside of you out

Imagine if you did this not only in business, with your message and your art, but also in every situation in LIFE!

YES it would be scary.
YES it would confront the fuck out of you at times.
And YES you will get used to it, it will get EASY to just not question yourself, to just automatically stand in your truth.

To stand in your power.

To BE who you are, and truly not give a fuck.

Doesn’t mean you don’t still want what you want 

Of course you wanna be seen, heard, noticed, or you wouldn’t be here.

But, it means you’re finally coming at it without fear.

And with the understanding that ACTUALLY, the only way to ACHIEVE any of that anyway, is to STAND IN YOUR POWER AND TRUTH, and be all that you are.

Full transparency.
Full vulnerability.
Full ‘here I am bitches’
Fully MEANING it when you say ‘take it or leave it’

And from that place?

You’re magnetic as fuck.

Doors will be opened to you.

People will be drawn to you.

You can do what you WANT.

And all you gotta do to get there?

Flick the God damn switch gorgeous.

New rule:

I say what I think, always.

I don’t hold back.

I show the world all that I am, ALL of it, and I trust that in doing so I give myself the stuff I was so desperately looking for the whole time anyway.

If you already had everything you wanted
And it was IMPOSSIBLE for you to lose it or have it taken away
THEN how would you be showing up and letting yourself live?

FULL messaging.
FULL unleashing of art.
FULL love.
FULL open communication.
FULL vulnerability and truth.

KNOWING it’s impossible for it to cost you anything, and that there is ZERO risk of shit somehow not working or getting screwed up.

Life would be so easy …

Life would be so fun …

YOU would be so fun …


You’d be motherfucking POWERFUL girl, don’t you see?

I wonder how that’d impact business …

And well, everything