Here is the reality about the growth you should be experiencing, and the way results should flow. I’m going to explain to you why (for example) money + audience growth + overall business flow and operating in a full YES GOD YES in every move you make … aka certainty … is maybe not as it should be right now.

1) The things you see inside of you are real.

Decide right now that today is the day you opt out – for good! – of questioning that. If from THIS MOMENT FORWARD you believed it’s meant to be what you’ve been shown –

what would be different?

How would that impact your work and how you show up?

For many people, honestly … looking through a BELIEF lens, but properly, is enough for things to change.

2) The way you wish it could be is the way it SHOULD be.

This is true for your marketing. Your messaging. Your branding. How people will or should find you. How your clients, high end or group based / lower cost should sign up. How your work gets out and get seen. How you publish or do the REALLY big cool things. The flow of your day. Time. Money. Space. ALL OF IT.

Don’t believe me, think I’m over simplifying? Cool, you do you. But I’m telling you … THE WAY YOU WISH IT COULD BE IS THE WAY IT GETS TO BE. ‘Should’ be meaning … it’s aligned. Your spirit is telling you the truth of what already EXISTS for you, supernaturally. Possibly God Himself is telling you!


And consider: what would I simply commit to, or alternatively let go of, if I believed this?

3) More than likely the reason more people don’t know you, buy from you, the money is not rolling fully as it should be, and YOU are not swanning around in dropped in God flow and certainty … aside from the above … is some version of you DIDN’T DECIDE TO GO ALL IN WITH WHAT YOU KNOW IT’S MEANT TO BE AND WHO YOU KNOW YOU ARE MEANT TO BE.

Also, you’re not being consistent.
Not trusting it gets to be easy and simple and ‘just who you are’ to do so.
PROBABLY not fully handing things over to God, and instead trying to figure it out yourself.
Have not drawn a line in the sand to DECIDE this thing gets to take off and fly. Whatever ‘this thing’ is for you!

So … what line do you need to draw? What do you need to COMMIT to? What do you need to FINALLY AND FULLY GIVE OVER?

4) Environment matters and it WILL impact who you become. Period The End GOODBYE.

If you put yourself in a space of fit, hot-from-the-inside-out, happy people … it’ll impact you. You’ll start to expect that YOU get to be that version of yourself. And that it is normal! As it should be. Amen!

This is why, in the online space and as an entrepreneur … it is CRITICAL you a) avoid the WRONG groups or spaces (whatever that means for you, but YOU know if it’s not sitting or flowing right) and b) actively plant yourself IN a space that is right for you. Where YOUR FORWARD TRAJECTORY IS NORMALISED. So much so that you literally can’t even imagine NOT growing, flowing, making more monies! Having ONLY soul aligned peeps show up to do the thing with you. And all the other bits you ‘wish’ it could be and just downright know it SHOULD be – being so!

Oh, and one last thing –


Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.


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