I believe in you because first and foremost I can feel your heart. I feel that desire, that yearning, that pull, that part of you deep within which just keeps … beating.

It’s a beat which comes out from you and pours forth from you, winding its way all around the world like a river, never stopping, never ceasing, you can’t turn it off and it’s also not something you really have any conscious control over at all. It just … is.

And what it is, is this:

It’s a calling you in and a coming home.

It’s a beacon to those who need your work.

It’s a nod and a signal to those, like me, who also are here to do big work in the world.

We FEEL one another. We always have. It’s just how it is.

Have you ever been somewhere? And you have HAD to look up? Somebody has pulled your attention to them? Their presence a zappy energy which can’t be ignored? A realisation that something about this person is … interesting? Different? Special? Unique? EXTRAORDINARY? All of the above?

This is what I feel, when I think of you. This is what I am aware of, when I say I can feel your heart. This is what is TRUTH, no matter if you run from it your entire life. It simply – is.

I believe in you as a coach because it is a part of who you are since before you even WERE. It is as old as time and as endless as the ages that who you are activates. Imparts. Shifts. Adjusts. And that you simply – see things. Know things. UNDERSTAND things, and a way of expressing them, which others, frankly, need.

I believe in you as a coach because when you are turning in relentless circles, certain you have no idea what you’re doing or overwhelmed by everything you could be doing, beneath it all is still that definite grounded presence. Of a woman who came here to share and say things. And to change the world with who she is.

I believe in you as a coach because I see myself in that you who hasn’t QUITE yet stepped up, hasn’t QUITE yet owned every part of what she’s here to do, hasn’t QUITE yet nailed the thing or things which unlock the flow. But who is still showing up. In some way. Every day. And just – seeking.

And maybe that is the greatest reason of all why I believe in you as a coach.

Because you fall, and you get up again. Something doesn’t work, and you come back for more. There’s so much road still ahead of you, yet you’d never quit. And because no matter what – you never stop seeking. You never stop walking home. You never stop the gradual yes to the beat that’s inside of you.

And here is the thing about that beat.

You think you hear it in others. See it, feel it, know it, are drawn to it.

But gorgeous one, don’t you see?

What you are drawn to, is you.

What you’ve been seeking, is you.

What you are waiting on, is you.

You are the beat.

And the world you long to one day step into is the same one which will step up FOR you when you realise that what it needs, in order for it to become the reflection you long to see?

Is the sound of you,

bouncing off its walls.

You were born to lead, gorgeous. To impact, to shine, to unleash, to serve. You were born to be one of the greatest coaches of all time.

Say yes,