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Success Mindset


You can walk away, right now, from ANYTHING you don’t love, and commit to what you really want. It’ll be the most terrifying thing you’ve ever done, but if you can do it?

You can change your life in a fucking moment.

I’m not just talking from heresay, you know, or even from the odd experience of chasing and ACHIEVING my dreams.

I’m talking from spending the first 10-15 years of my adult life broke, unhappy, struggling, stuck, and in the wrong business, the wrong body, the wrong marriage and the wrong life.

I’m talking from eventually having just got DONE with not having things work out. And finally getting it through my head how letting them work, ALL the way, is a choice.

Nothing more than a choice.

There was a time there, for most of my twenties and into my early thirties, where I truly believed that in order to create success I needed to have a plan, get ready, prepare, and bide my time. Get my ducks lined up, y’know?!

I was in the wrong job, but it was where I was making my money, so I couldn’t just LEAVE …

I was in the wrong marriage, but it was me who pushed it, and I was only 25, and besides, maybe it would get better …

I was gaining weight, day by day, a personal trainer who looked and felt pretty freaking average, but I was too busy and just so damn TIRED, constantly blacking out and didn’t have the ENERGY to fix things so I told myself constantly, tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the day.

Wrong business.
Wrong relationship.
Wrong body.
Wrong LIFE.

And I told myself, constantly, everything I needed to hear in order to NOT have to take action and believe I was justified.

I PROMISED myself, perpetually, that tomorrow was the day.

Tomorrow I’ll write up what I REALLY want to do, look at my ideas for being a WRITER again, or making money somehow outside of the gym –

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll have that talk with my husband, that talk with myself, look within and face up to what I really REALLY don’t want to think about.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll finally get back into my training, my nutrition, take my supplements, and get my damn ass out of bed more than 5 minutes before I’m supposed to be at work!

Tomorrow I’ll stop living the wrong fucking LIFE and finally get on path to the one I was born for. The one I can’t quite see yet KNOW is there!

This went on –
And on –
And on.

WEIRDLY – or not – it coincided with the fact that no matter how much I THOUGHT about changing things I seemed to just continue to struggle!

With money.
With energy.
With my weight.
In my marriage.
And worst of all, with the deep down and unavoidable truth:

That this wasn’t what I thought life was supposed to be about. That I was born for more. That I wasn’t happy, not even remotely fulfilled.

And that time just continued to slip away.

Have you ever looked back, at a certain point in your life, and realised that this right HERE was the point you KNEW you’d have it altogether?

I seemed to be constantly finding myself at that point, and no matter how often I pushed out the deadline of When I Should be a Real Grown-Up and Have My Shit Sorted I kept finding myself back there.

I look back now and I wonder – did I really have to go through all of that?

Or was it just that nobody told me, or I never believed, that you can just walk away …

And that when you do?

You can change the fucking world in an instant.

For me, eventually I just got damn sick and tired of waiting, of failing, of picking myself up again and of wondering when my time would come.

Somewhere, somehow, not deliberately – I wish I could give myself that credit, but can’t! – I learned to just get up, admit what I wanted, set my sights on it, and then walk the fuck away from ANYTHING that wasn’t gonna help me get there.

No looking back.
No hesitation.
No fucks given, except for ALL The fucks about living the life you were born to live.

This all went down in about an 18-month period which I like to fondly refer to as my quarter life crisis. Really what it was, was a quarter life AWAKENING, and one that taught me from that moment on how SIMPLE it is to get what you want in life so long as you’re willing to LEAVE BEHIND ALL ELSE.

The choice to DO this is one that can appear reckless, foolhardy, ridiculous.

For me, from the outside looking in and DEFINITELY from the inside looking out it looked like an absolute SABOTAGE, as I:

Walked away from my marriage, in spectacularly messy fashion, and despite all indications that I should DEFINITELY make it work –

Walked away from my job, with no warning and only 2 weeks notice, because I decided I HAD to make it work working for myself again –

Walked away a year or two later from working for myself as a very busy personal trainer, to shutting down my biz again with only 2 weeks notice, so that I’d FORCE myself to monetise properly online –

Walked away from my EXCUSES about why I couldn’t eat right or workout and lost 10kg in 6 weeks and got back to the fitness model-ish body I love –

Walked away from the wrong house –
The wrong car –
ALL my savings –
Even all my possessions –
And half of my friends –

Losing a FUCKLOAD of money in the process and making my own life INSANELY inconvenient each time!

Every time I’ve done this, I’ve felt like an ABSOLUTE FOOL. But yet every time I’ve done it – and there are so many recent examples as well, of walking away in a MOMENT when I realise I’m not fully hell yes-ing something – it’s been the BEST THING I EVER FUCKING DID.

And it’s INCONVENIENTLY forced me to go and create what I REALLY want instead.

The ANSWER, if you’re not getting to where you want to go, is to walk away.

Do not pause.
Do not look back.
Do NOT pass Go and do not collect $200, just WALK THE FUCK AWAY and into the UNKNOWN where you choose to know that you’ll make things work because YOU WILL MAKE THEM WORK.

This is the REALITY of success, and the inability to walk away, the inability to take a risk or lay yourself on the line, to get UNCOMFORTABLE is almost certainly why you don’t have what you want.

So here is what I want to say to you:


ENOUGH okay, enough!

Enough with the waiting, the getting ready, the lining up of fucking ducks. Who the fuck wants their ducks lined up anyway? I want my ducks MESSY and CHAOTIC and having an EPIC fucking time! Nobody likes a boring by the book duck, DO THEY? Not really. Just like nobody likes or wants or wants to BUY from a boring by the book YOU?

Do you want to know what works, as far as the whole concept of getting to your GOALS, of stepping from the NOW you into the 2.0 you who is a badass motherfucker and rules the WORLD?

This is what works:

You leap now.

You leap NOW baby.

You leap fucking NOW.

As soon as you KNOW what you want you fucking LEAP for it.

And you walk, no RUN away, no excuses, no holds barred, and NO looking back, from anything that is NOT it.

You wanna wait, get ready more, think about it? SURE, be my guest.

It’s only your fucking life.

But I can tell you this:

EVERYTHING huge, exciting, PROFITABLE, flow-based and awesome I’ve created or launched which has ultimately led me to living THIS life, making millions per year online working with my IDEAL clients, being shit hot rich and having the body, the life the EVERYTHING I want?

Happened because I stopped lining up my fucking ducks and I let things get MESSY.

If you want to blow up online, make ALL the money and live your dream you can. But stop trying to kid yourself it’ll happen without first tearing DOWN everything that’s blocking you.

Today, I challenge you:

Walk the fuck away.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


I’m excited to announce my Flow-Led Millionaire Private Client Mastermind Days are back, happening this August (PM me for full deets!) 

Warning! This Mastermind will require you to get TF over your hang-ups around:

* Automated income

* Being seen more, and more boldly

* Adding layers upon layers upon layers of more SELLING

* Ruthless repurposing and re-selling

* Structure, systems, process

* Building a cash machine which pays you on repeat regardless of whether YOU are grinding your fingers to the bone to get it working!


You have an existing business which makes money, delivers a fabulous product or service (or multiple of!) which helps people, you know who you are and who you’re here to serve (while always welcoming deeper clarity!), and you have a proven track record for getting results to those people … even if it’s on a scale, so far, which, frankly, you consider outrageous. Since you know you’re here to do insanely big work in the world!

Oh, speaking of which – you know you’re here to do insanely big work in the world! And you’re ready to put the wheels on that NOW, and see your revenue – your growth of soulmate audience – your soul-led result-gettin’ systems – and all in all your own badassery – explode, stat!

You’re not afraid of doing the damn work (duh),

but you also know that there’s a simpler way, a more flow way, a more YOU way.

And you’re ready to get down to the nitty gritty of that now, and then roll it out like the take no prisoners mofo you are.

All with me – secret counsel to the worlds most elite game-changers, leaders, and revolutionaries – supporting you to know exactly what to do,

and exactly how to do it,

so you make MORE money,

reach MORE (of the right people),

the YOU way,

having more fun and flow than you ever dreamed possible,

and finally knowing you’re all in on you,


What you get out of this time together is simple:

* Identified opportunities for money-makin’ – minimum 3, up to 10+ (this is normal in these conversations with me)

* Specific to you simple soulmate audience growth strategy, which you can roll out right away, and will often involve only ‘tweaks’ rather than having to DO anything dramatically extra

* Confidence and inner tools as well as practical steps for improving / adding to / setting up (depending where you’re at) your automated income / funnels 

* Personalised (to your personality / style / lifestyle / skillset) action plan for implementing

* Tweaks you can add in right away to increase sales on existing processes

* Daily / weekly ‘hustle flow plan’ individualised to you

All in all here’s what it comes down to:

>>> You will walk out with a complete action plan tailored to your business, very detailed and also very SIMPLE, with also a complete understanding of what you need to do and HOW to do it, to take you to the next major income level, and beyond.

This will include your next three offers (MINIMUM), up-sells, or funnel ad-ins, FULLY CREATED IN THE TIME TOGETHER!


1:1 follow on support to help you implement and follow through.

I love doing this INTENSIVE deep dive work where we pull everything apart all at once, and then nail down the EXACT action steps for each person to take to get more paying customers and clients, who are soul-aligned, coming in NOW, who are also buying more things, because you’ve got all your damn shit in place!

This immersive day together is limited to 5-7 people per event. 

If this is speaking to you PM me here to apply / for more info!