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For months now I’ve had this story that I ‘can’t’ seem to get up before 630am anymore, I’ll set my alarm for 5, or 530, or even 6, and without fail, every damn time, I snooze my way through until precisely 6.37am, at which point God apparently deems it right and just that Katrina Ruth’s eyes may open and the natural world may be graced with her presence.

“I literally CAN’T!”, I’ve said to friends (even as my higher self rolls her eyes at me and reminds me that this is DEFINITELY a story). “It’s not like I’m CONSCIOUSLY hitting snooze; even when I put the phone on the other side of the room I just sleep walk and turn it off or hit the button! Maybe I really do just need to go to sleep earlier …”

Years ago, I was consistently in the 5am club, and I LOVED it. That was the most productive period of my life, before 9am I would have accomplished more than most people do in a day, or even a week! I think back to that time and I daydream about feeling so accomplished again now. But then again, the truth of the matter is –

I do feel pretty damn accomplished already.

I get my shit done each day, the stuff that really matters.

And I live a pretty great life! I certainly do not EVER compromise on having space and time for the things that matter to me, so I guess, well – what’s the real reason I need to get up at 5?

Well, today there WAS a real reason – namely I am meeting my bestie at 630am to do some beach stair runs, and I’m definitely not available for doing THAT without first coffee / journaling / writing, so, surprise surprise, I MAGICALLY FUCKING WOKE AT 5.10am. How is this possible, when I have been ‘unable’ to get up before 6.30am? Not only did I get up at 5.10 this morning, but I also FELT amazing, and raring to go.

I mean, duh, it’s pretty simple, isn’t it? I got up earlier because my sub-conscious AND conscious mind, higher self and human AF me, ego and even God above, we ALL IN HARMONY BELIEVED AND KNEW IT TO BE FACT THAT I ACTUALLY NEEDED TO.

And so it was DONE.

Can I tell you something you maybe need to hear, have remembered to you?

The reason that most of you will never reach, let alone maintain, that elusive 100k / month income I know you’ve got up there on that pedestal –

or whatever the amount is that you’ve been saying for ages is ‘done’, but which is, uhhhh … apparently not done …)

– is that there’s really no good reason why you need to.

Your sub-conscious mind does not buy the idea that you need it.

Your human AF self knows you’re full of shit.

And if you asked God about it he’d very likely shrug his shoulders and say ‘yeah girl, but WHY?’

Well –


‘Oh oh oh, because because because, uh, um, then, well – ‘

Well WHAT?

Because surely then you’d be safer with money –

Feel free –

Be on top of things –

Feel more ‘credible’ as one of the REALLY successful ones –

Yeah. I hear ya. Same as how I ‘needed’ to get up at 5am all year but didn’t, because the general concept of ‘I’d get more done and feel better, or whatever I may have added to that’, is just not that compelling.

I’ll never forget my late and great mentor Charles Poliquin saying to a fellow student one time, when the student was asked to share about his goals, “is it possible that you could be any more vague?”


It was not.

And for you? Your vague and wishy-washy, however generically desirable they may be, reasons for getting to that next level, well – they just don’t drive your SPIRIT, do they? They’re not convincing anyone!


When I passed the 100k / month mark it was because at that point in my journey I had truly made it a NECESSITY. In a physical sense I had dialled up my expenses / investments and so on that 100k became the MINIMUM required, and I had also dialled up my own self, environment, sense of identity, and so on.

Same when I passed 200k months – it didn’t happen for all the months I was trying to get there because I thought it was the next level, or so I could keep up, that’s for sure! It happened when I made it not about the MONEY and when I connected to what I actually needed.

Ditto with 300k months … 400 … and so on.

So, when you write in your journal and give thanks in advance for your 100k months being ‘done’, and then that part of your mind that screams LIAR! arks up at you (as well it perhaps should), maybe just stop for a moment and ask, but WHY?

Why do I actually need that; why is it a must? What is the purpose of that?

And if you can’t IMMEDIATELY and with absolute assuredness serve up the answer, well, then, you got yours.

‘Because because because wishy washy generic bullshit’ is not answer. In case you’re wondering.

In which case I’d suggest asking, well –

What do I REALLY need?

I don’t mean which other money sum do you really need, although sure, it would be interesting to ask and answer that; it would be telling!

I mean – what are your actual fucking needs here?

Paying all your bills on time or before they’re due, meeting all saving and investment minimums; maybe that? Well then, why don’t you just dial that shit up so you NEED more, hmm? This is what I’ve done a lot, to push my income higher with ease. Because I am unavailable not to meet my minimums.

But beyond that, let’s get real here –

If it weren’t about money, and it were only about purpose and impact and soul fulfilment, what is the monetary amount that would reflect you fully doing the work you’re meant to do, and being the YOU who you need to be to do that work? Yes that includes material shit and luxuries, that you; why wouldn’t it?!

But be real about it.

Be honest about what you ACTUALLY need and want here, and realise that it’s never a money amount, but that the money amount that comes in will ALWAYS reflect your actual needs.

Wanna change your income?

Change your damn needs, and maybe, just maybe –

Start by connecting to what actually drives you,

and what you are actually unavailable not to do or be.

Just an idea.

Now I gotta go run some stairs. After all, I’m unavailable not to be who I say I am 😉

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