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Everything I have created so far in my business and with my money flow, not to mention my living environment and overall lifestyle, was once upon a time something I dreamed of and fantasised about and thought would be ‘so amazing, it would be too good to be true’.

I remember when I was right on the cusp of breaking through with money.

You know the story, these stories are a dime a dozen amongst high-level entrepreneurs! But somehow I think we never get tired of hearing it, or at least – those of us who KNOW our dreams are possible never get tired of hearing of how others achieved theirs.

I was broke AF.
Over 145k in debt.
Even my UNDERWEAR was low class and low vibe.
Everything about me screamed ‘DOES NOT FEEL WORTHY’, and the fear voice which strummed a beat through my heart, my soul, my mind, threatening to take over me just kept on taunting me with the fact that I might NEVER make it, my dreams might NEVER come true, everything I knew was divined and destined for me might be a JOKE, and maybe I would ALWAYS struggle, and then?

I became a certified and laminated and ONLY soul-led self-made multi-millionaire*, with an all online and location free business, where I get to wake up each day and JUST be me, and do what I love.

*Self-made and of course heavily supported and lifted by the cool and badass peeps who were part of my journey!!

The dream?
The fantasy?
The things I wondered were maybe ‘too good to be true’, and I could never QUITE imagine just how damn awesome it’d be, even as my soul knew that it WAS possible and that it WOULD be, because I wouldn’t damn well stop till it was?

It all came true.

And then some.

Honestly, sometimes I still have to pinch myself that I am this person, that I did the damn thing, that being WEALTHY, and from SOUL work, too, is my reality!

I still go nearly daily to the exact same coffee shops, stores, yoga studios and so on, where not so many years ago I would stand in fear at the checkout, not knowing if my card would process even as little as a couple of bucks!

And often it didn’t.

Now, I rock up in a 200k car and I NEVER have to worry about money, there is always a surplus.

But the girl who wondered if she was really born for it and would ever make it? She’s still in there, shaking her head in wonder and gratitude and awe at the magic of it all.

So yeah, anyway, my point.

I remember being right on the cusp of it.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this; maybe you’re in it right now?!

Where you can feel yourself teetering.

Right there on the edge.

And you’re thinking –


I think it might ACTUALLY be about to happen!”

The fear mind, of course, loves to do its thing at this point.

I remember mine piping up like an annoying little fucker and saying to me –

“As if! As if you’re ACTUALLY going to have all that happen, as if you can REALLY be free with money, let alone make serious money doing what you love! Life couldn’t BE that good, it would be too good to be true!”

It felt like it would be a dream, a fantasy, not real.

And do you know what??

People say that if you think it’s too good to be true, and you ‘can’t imagine it’, it won’t happen.

I disagree.

Because even as I then DID fall, and I fell into wealth, abundance, and from-purpose receiving in ALL ways, greater than what I’d even dreamed of, I STILL felt like –

“Holy shit! This is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE”.

The thing is I just added to that – “AND YET IT IS TRUE, and of COURSE, because I did the damn WORK!”

As for imagining it, well, no – !

I did NOT ever fully imagine it until I became it!

I certainly stepped in to what I THOUGHT it would feel like, and who I would be, over and over again.

But the reality was, and is, full-colour madness and awesome in a way my dreams could actually never replicate.

So, it’s not true, that you need to let go of the idea that something would be too good to be true.

You can feel that AND simultaneously claim it.

And I guess what I’m trying to say to you, is simple:

You deserve your too good to be true outcome (in all areas), and you deserve it now.

But also, know this:

When it starts to happen, you will feel nervous, like maybe you shouldn’t let yourself fully want it, in case it’s a trick and not real!

“Can it be …?”, you’ll wonder.

“Is it really …?!”

You’ll feel things shifting, falling into place, excitement buzzing, and you’ll caution yourself to pull back, not expect too much.

Well, detachment is nice. Essential, even!

But, you CAN and damn well SHOULD also expect.

Expect what?

ALL of it.

All of what you’ve been claiming and doing the damn work for.

At some point it IS going to click in.

Yes, you’re so used to your day to day being about LONGING and WANTING and WAITING and staying the course, being patient.

But don’t you see?


And you then get to remind everyone else to be patient, and not quit 🙂

Because in the end, the work REALLY DOES WORK.

And when that happens, be ready for it. Be ready and okay with the ‘this is too good to be true’ almost panic reaction which comes through.

Feel it.
Observe it.
Honour it.


I did the damn work girl, and so ACTUALLY, while I could continue to play the game of not worthy and not ready, yeah …


I think it’s motherfucking time.

The cool thing with being the person who shows up each day, releases the outcome, and commits to being who it takes for LIFE, is that eventually?

It really is motherfucking time.

Everything you dreamed of kicks in.

And you become the person who did what it took.

Today I encourage you –


Your dream life is waiting, and you done well deserved it.

Don’t forget – !

Life is Now. Press Play.


Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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