Do you ever find yourself wondering if you’d find money, or receiving in general, easier if nobody had ever told you it’s not?

If, as a collective, we’d all grown up firmly planted in the knowledge that money is easy, it’s free-flowing, it’s abundant, it’s like air, just breathe it on, or don’t, whatever, but either way – it’s there!

I wonder sometimes, you know?

About the things people find hard.

About the things they keep at arms length.

About the things they spend years, decades, an entire lifetime never quite having, never being able to breathe in fully, never being able to relax with fully, and WHY?


Because you were told money is like that.

And you believed it.

And now you perpetuate that belief, driving it in ever harder and more deeply with your repeated expectation of what you were TOLD is true.

But take an area of your life right now, any area of your life right now, an area of your life where RECEIVING flow is just oh so easy, so easy that you don’t even think about it.

Maybe you’re effortlessly always in fantastic health …

Maybe you effortlessly prepare the best food, and always have an abundance of fresh quality produce in your home …

Maybe a beautiful and healthy and expansive relationship is something you consider ‘of course’ …

Maybe you have an endless stream of wonderful and uplifting friends, and it would be weird to you to even consider that not being part of your reality …

Maybe you have such perfect support in a particular area of your life, and you don’t even really think about it being anything other than that …

I’m not suggesting that any of these things, or whatever it is that is free-flowing for YOU, are things you don’t have gratitude and appreciation for. I’m not talking about taking things for granted. I’m talking about the fact that almost every human has one or more pretty significant areas of their life that feel pretty easy, natural, and ‘of course’ which OTHER people look at and feel frustration or sadness about because for THEM that thing feels hard. And they can’t figure it out. And no matter how much they seem to apply themselves …

they’re still never where they want to be.

Not quite.

Or, always, still so far away.

Whatever the ‘pretty much with ease and ‘of course” areas are for you, it’s either because you expected it to be so in that area, never questioned it, saw it modelled, had it imprinted into you, and then just carried on the lineage, so to speak, OR –

you actively chose into it, perhaps after being vehemently opposed to something you saw modelled and decided OUT of, or perhaps after just reaching an ‘enough is enough’ point in your own life.

And so, you recoded.

You wrote over the imprint.

Your identity switched.

Back to what was always available for you.

Except never present for you until you CHOSE it.

Money just happens to be one of those things which the majority of people have been told is hard.

And because the majority of people fundamentally still believe that … even those who ‘know’ something different is available … the majority still experience that.

Soul aligned success, whatever that means to you, same thing.


what if nobody ever told you it was hard?

What if you never heard the idea that it’s something to strive for perpetually, and never quite attain?

What if you never linked up ideas about your own worth with ideas about receiving?

And what if you only ever thought,

it’s just something I get to choose,

not choose,

as much as I want,

whenever I want,

the end.

What if you knew, down to the very BONES of who you are, down to your smallest CELL, that this was truth?

What if you had lived from this very PRAGMATIC truth, the whole entire time?

Can you compare with another area of your life where you DO expect things that way, and see how different it would just HAVE to be for you?

The thing with money,

with soul aligned success,

and so many other things besides,

is that we place it on a pedestal.

We make it mean something.

We make it based on something.

We make it about what we can prove, or show, or earn.

But what if,

you just made it about,

what you choose?

And what if,

you just turned all that strive-but-never-get-there focus,


In the end, it really is pretty simple.

The people who get the things expect to get the things.

Change your expectations, and your view of normal?

Change your life.

Now remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.




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