The thing with a woman like you, a woman like me, a woman who is unequivocally one who was BORN to do things on her terms

whatever she wants, and the way she wants, and that is a GOOD thing, for everyone – !

You just can’t do ‘should’.

You should not have to do ‘should’.
Your soul knows that ‘should’ is absolute bullshit.

And if you try to move yourself forward on ‘should’? Because some part of you thinks that you need to do so in order to sell,

be seen or known more,



or because some coach / human who does not understand about life for those beyond the 2+2=4 paradigm told you that this is how it IS,

well –

guess what?

> Your shit won’t work

> Even if it does work to some degree (which it well may due to sheer will and effort, yay you (lol)) it won’t light you up or fire you up, AND it will absolutely come at the cost of your energy, motivation, joy

> You will feel continually depleted / frustrated / deflated some mix of the three because, well … on a deeper level you know you don’t have to do things this way

> You will never drop into your true magic, because THAT only exists in the place where you are free-flowing and being all of you

Now here’s the thing:

Since before you even knew to know anything about business, about life, about doing things beyond the ‘norm’, you did know this –

>>> WHATEVER you decide, and lock in as a true aligned outcome will come to fruition so long as YOU just do YOUR bit. <<<

And what is your bit, you ask?

– Saying yes to what you’re shown / what you desire or receive inspiration or guidance on
– Doing so IN SPITE OF reasons it apparently is non-sensical, chaotic, not ‘right’ to do it that way
– Dismissing ideas of doing things in order to get to an outcome, and instead doing them BECAUSE IT’S WHAT YOU’RE MEANT TO DO
– Being present with what IS, in terms of any actions you take. Which is to say … avoiding ideas of what you should do to move forward and instead coming into the moment and asking what is TRUE for you to do, right now.

Let’s get real here, about things you already KNOW.

In the end, the story will simply be:

And then she decided to unapologetically back herself.

It will absolutely NOT be,

and then she did what she was told she should, or what fear made her think she should.

And even if that could get you some place … is it a place you wanna go?