ENTREPRENEURS: Faith Doesn’t Require Your Feelings

The message for you today is clear, it is simple, and, as is so often the case with the most POWERFUL words, it is one you already know.


And that message is this:

FAITH, neither planted nor activated, does not require your feelings.

You don’t have to FEEL as though you are capable of believing

that you do believe at all, or that you could possibly stretch to believe THAT big, for THAT next level which you know is being shown to you, in order for you to choose it anyway,

plant the damn seed,

water it,

ALLOW it to flourish,

and let your feelings catch up.

Perhaps you’ve been waiting for years for things to dramatically increase in your income, your audience + thus impact, your clarity or readiness or know-how on stepping in to your TRUE and deeper work, or simply a sense of confidence and certainty to empower you to feel that you CAN and indeed MUST answer the call of new, bigger, exciting, scary, LEGACY work you came here to do.

Or perhaps you feel as though you absolutely would be saying yes to all of these things, creating and allowing ’em too, and the issue is your physical time, energy, mental focus!

Or that you first need to sort your finances out and get on top of the existing chaos!

I don’t care what your reason is, I KNOW, and I hear God TELLING you today, that NOW NOW NOW is the day you get to claim, and see set forth the beginnings of that next vision you’re being shown.

God is not showing you a vision for a later time unless He tells you so! And you KNOW when something is for now, yes for this very moment, and yet you refuse to act on it. Are scared to. Or are continuing to decide if even just by virtue of your repeated INACTION that you are valid in not yet being able to.

You may make a great argument as to why you ‘can’t’ yet step into claiming and also rightfully EXPECTING that growth to occur, that thing to be breathed to life, that shift in YOU, but your spirit knows better and that all it requires?

Is your yes.

The beautiful thing about faith is it will grow when it is CHOSEN, and then watered.

So how do you choose?

You simply state:

I am ready to believe I can _________ !

How do you water, such that your baby faith can flourish and eventually grace you with some happy believe-y feelings as well?!

You take the action your spirit guides you to take to do so! The action you’d take, just the one right NOW, the next one in front of you, if you DID ‘feel’ it. The action which presents itself to you, and you tell your mind and emotions to just shut up for a minute!

You then REINFORCE by filling your heart mind and soul with Gods promises of faith fulfilled, and with the right readings and listenings which support you to CONTINUE this path of determined faith-based living.

You might like to write down (and stick on your walls, or laptop screen!) beliefs, promises, scriptures, reminders, or any words which you feel are being spoken to you.

Basically – you be the person who lives from faith, not the person who waits to feel able!

I know with certainty that right now you have dreams which are just WAITING to be chosen, seeded, watered in this way.

And all I came here today to say is …

what if you just did?


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