Resting in God


So often these days I have no idea what to write or where to start.

The old me is so completely dead and done that every time I even inadvertently try to revive her – perhaps thinking to myself I ‘better’ be a bit more on it with something in my business perhaps, or ‘surely’ I can sit down and produce a high-vibin’ blog or three because, well – it’s about due – I find myself just sitting there like a zombie, torn between feeling frustrated that I’m not ‘on’, and grateful that being ‘on’ the ME way is just no longer a thing,

nor needed.

Mostly I feel the latter.

If you’ve been on your own journey of coming home to the Lord, or of finding Jesus for the first time ever, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The distinction between what is of me and what is of Him becomes ever-wider and impossible to ignore with each day that passes. Not that we’d want to ignore it! More so that in those earlier stages of renewal it seems to be harder to tell. We find ourselves wondering –

“Did God say that or me?”

“Maybe I really SHOULD be doing more; probably He wants me to at least do SOMETHING!”

We analyse continually. We hem and haw. We make lists we won’t admit to internally about all the things we definitely probably obviously should be doing or else we’re not being obedient enough for God, or in line enough to earn His favour.

We ‘technically’ understand that grace can NOT be earned, but our default pattern is still ‘yeah but surely I gotta do SOMETHING?!’

We earnestly TRY to align with being Spirit-led, we ‘get’ and talk endlessly with each other about the fact that we only WANT to do God’s will, but it still just takes as long as it takes for each of us to settle into the bit where we really really really really REALLY get that if it’s of Him, from Him, through Him and to Him?

We ARE gonna know.

We WILL be propelled.

It will just come out.

And the whole bit of alternatively thinking we should still do ALL the things we used to do in our own strength or thinking we better do NOTHING just – fades away.

And in this new state, we simply find – oh.

Apparently now I am writing.

Apparently today I am creating.

Apparently today I am preaching. Or teaching. Or talking. Or offering.


Apparently today I am doing pretty much nothing. Apparently this week I am pottering here and there and doing all sorts of things the hustler #boss me would have NEVER had time for. And apparently in all of it,

somewhere along the way,

somehow along the way,

I actually just settled into the bit where I not only know that God is *theoretically* my source of provision and indeed all good things, and that he *theoretically* directs my paths to places beyond my own imagination, and I not only *intellectually* get all of this, and believe it (no really!), but I actually actually actually actually somehow GOT it.

And not even simply that he will provide daily but that He literally IS provision and since He is IN me –

I got that supernatural flow which actually can’t be stopped,


nor understood even a little bit through natural eyes!

I was sitting here just now reflecting on these kinds of things, and on the many mind-bending things God has brought into my life or my awareness even in the past few DAYS, how every day in Him truly is a new dance, a new way, and ALWAYS better than what I could have hoped or imagined or even considered to consider, and I just thought –


The humbling.



Never ending.

ALWAYS present.

Grace of God.

His grace never fails us.

He NEVER forsakes us.

He really has GOT us.

And there is nothing nothing nothing NOTHING we can do without Him, which is not, as some of you proudly still oh-so-self-sufficient peeps might think, a slur on your own abilities but instead an INVITE TO SIT AT A TABLE WHERE HE TAKES CARE OF EVERYTHING AND YOU WALK A SUPERNATURAL PATH IN ALL THINGS.

The thing is,

of COURSE we can still choose whatever we like in our own efforts.

IN His grace He always gives us free choice. We get to choose whether we walk with Him, or apart. Eventually, when you depart this earth, your choice will be locked in. If you chose NOT to acknowledge and accept Jesus, turn from your ways, and become a child of God, you get what you chose. Eternity separated from God.

But I’m talking to you who has chosen Him. Or is walking over that line even now to say “I accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I turn from my ways. Lord I want to love and live for and follow you. Save me!”

And I’m saying, simply, this:

Let salvation be the beginning.

Let it not be saved and then keep one eye open in case you need to pick up your part.

Once saved you ARE a child of God and a citizen of heaven.

But you’re not meant to wait til you get there to live according to the rules of that realm.

Yes it’s a practice.

A discipline.

And indeed a daily and even moment by moment choice, to truly be led, equipped, and #poweredbygrace.

And today, perhaps, it is as simple as this:


Be still.

KNOW that He is God.

And instead of concerning yourself with all that you could or should do in the time you have simply thank Him.

Thank Him for the gift of grace.

Close your eyes in His presence, wherever you are.

And be humbled.


And broken,


by the awe- some grace of your Saviour

and Lord

And if you are reading this,

and you want to go from including God in your place to knowing He IS the plan,

you want to have true relationship with Him according to what HE says is the only way not what you have decided is a ‘you can accept’ way,

know that that is ONLY through Jesus. He is the ONLY way to God. The ONLY truth. The ONLY source of spiritual life.

You can keep trying to prop up what is spiritually dead if you like.

Talk a little louder, filter a little harder, laugh a little more hilariously, and do and chase and get and show ALL the pretty things.

Or you can surrender to your Creator.

And accept the free gift of salvation through His son.

Jesus died for you.

He loves you.

And perhaps today is the day you answer the call by praying the prayer I wrote above.

And then asking Him to show you what next.

Either way,

I love you and I’m praying for you.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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