Success/Success Mindset


Holding faith for an outcome is a big picture ‘eyes on the actual target’ sort of thing.

Of course you want THIS launch to go the way you want, you want THIS month to be the one where you get those big money goals, you want THIS week to be the week everything shows up for you the way you are freakin’ ready for it to, have been doing the work for it to!

But your right now results have far less to do with your big picture creating of the vision then you think, and here’s why:

Every time you let your frustration about not getting what you want lie to you and tell you it MEANS something about your overall success, ability, and worth, you CUT TENSION WHICH IS BUILDING TO THE ACTUAL OUTCOME.

Because the actual outcome was never ever ever about one launch,

one big month,

one killer week,

one accomplishment or goal.

It was about becoming a certain type of a person, the one you see inside of you, and have always known is the TRUEST you, if only you’d become relentless about letting her out. If only you’d become unavailable for NOT getting what you choose, big picture. If only you’d actually just make it as simple as deciding:

This is who I am.

This is how life works for me.


When you know who you are and you EXPECT to win …

you will still get frustrated by the stuff that falls through, blows up in your face. But you will see it for what it is. And what it is is – WHATEVER.

On with the show.

Assess, address, keep going. Because I know who I am, I know what my ACTUAL outcomes are, I keep holding tension and faith for THAT, and even though it’s disappointing not to get those so-called stepping stone milestones …

the truth is there ain’t no steps on the way to success. There’s just deciding you are it, and BOOM. Keeping on keeping on til it shows up.

When you get this you will find that IT CAN’T NOT SHOW UP. You haven’t allowed any space for anything in its place.

Alternatively, you can be the person who makes every missed goal or desired outcome, every thing that goes ‘wrong’ MEAN something.

That maybe you’re NOT good enough.

That maybe you DON’T have what it takes.

That maybe you DON’T get to have life that good.


These are perfectly normal things to feel or wonder, and it’d be weird if you never did. But when you let ’em take the drivers seat and start listening to ’em rather than swipe that shit aside like a nasty looking Tinder profile you wouldn’t even consider, you cut tension.

You drop faith.

You cut the connection cord which was energetically laid down between you and ‘the thing’. The actual thing. The big picture vision. Which, let me remind you once again is – YOUR LIFE. And what that represents.

And you therefore have to somehow now wrangle yourself back, eventually, out of all those simmering negative and fear-based emotions, to where you finally feel ready again to lock in your belief in the overall path of where you’re going and who you are.

Each time you do this, your trust in your SELF goes down a little. You are proving to yourself, bit by bit, that you don’t hold faith when the going gets hard, or shaky. You are proving that you fail to back yourself energetically. You are proving, and laying down patterns around, your inability to dig in and become even MORE relentless about where you’re ultimately going, when things don’t go your way.

Keep on fighting to prove that shit, and guess what?

Eventually you will believe it.

And the world will believe it about you.

So in the end, great news – you’ll get exactly what you looked for, expected, and continually re-programmed into your mind, and you’ll be able to say ‘see! I told you so! I didn’t have what it takes. I didn’t get to have life that good. I tried, but I wasn’t good enough!’

Well, you proved that you create your outcomes, that’s for sure! You just got things mixed up, and instead of continually coming back to a focus on the big picture of OF COURSE I FUCKING WIN, with occasional flickers of worry or doubt which you swiped aside, you continually came back to a focus of I DON’T GET TO, with occasional flickers of success mindset and belief.

Either way,

well done one your supernatural ability to create what’s inside of you!

Because you certainly did that.