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Photo: with two of my QUEENS. The Queen in her true state is play and joy!

It was in order for the wrath of the Queen to come out this morning, and then some.

The Queen in her natural state is joy and play filled (per the photo!), but there is a time and place for that to be put aside.

Today I was reminded of what it truly means to BE in that energy, to be unapologetic about it, and to with-cause be required to switch from the usual ‘love and light’ version of one’s Queenliness into the do-not-fuck-with-me or you WILL bear my wrath and hellfire in all its fury.

The Queen’s wrath is not called upon often, you’ll find, when life is lived in alignment, and according to soul (which indeed it must be if you’re to know yourself a Queen), but when it is?

I PITY the fool who has planted themselves in the way.

We’ll get to that in a moment 😉

To backtrack a little, last night I received one of the most beautiful compliments I’ve ever had. Well, I guess I’ve been told exactly this before, but not in exactly these words, and it just really struck my heart!

Within minutes of connecting with this new friend Caroline Jaana she said “I like you. You’re the kind of woman who takes absolutely no bullshit. You’re strong. And you take no shit. But you’re also incredibly feminine beneath that”.

I think she said it in a much more beautiful way than that! But regardless – I just felt WOW. And THANK YOU. So much! What a lovely thing to say.

I’ve spoken a few times recently … okay a few times over the years, but certainly recently quite a bit … of how women like us are often considered ‘too much’, ‘cold’, a hardcore bitch’, and so on.

The first big breakthrough I had around this was that you can NEVER be too much for your soul people. It is literally not possible! Also, relevant to this, and a bit scary to think about – if you don’t be ALL of your too muchness, then the right people will never see you! The HORROR!

Enter our first Alice in Wonderland quote for today (blog title aside):

“You used to be much more…muchier. You’ve lost your muchness.”

Some of you have lost your muchness, or perhaps never got grasp of it in the first place, and yet you wonder why you can’t seem to find the soulmate badass clients … friends … lovers … KING (or Queen).

GET A-HOLD OF YOUR DAMN MUCHNESS BABY, take it ALLLLLL back and swing it wildly around your head in the air and then PROPEL it into the world!

Where were we? Oh yes.

That was the first big breakthrough.

The second, far more recent, was SUCH a breath of fresh air and just … ‘wow’ … when I realised it. Oh my goodness! This was SUCH deep truth! And I’d been feeling bad … frustrated … sometimes even forlorn; how CRAZY!

I’m talking about the whole thing of people who are not your people labelling you as too much, too ‘hardcore’ for a woman, etc.

And about how, again, only your true people can see your depth and connectedness, because they ALSO are tapped in in that way. Whereas the wrong people will be thrown off by how damn certain and grounded you are, and the way it unsettles them and highlights their own lack of certainty causes them to consider you HARD, too MUCH, etc.

So, maybe the second breakthrough was just a different way of wording the first one! But it felt profound for me, and allowed me to let go of certain wonderments I’d had around people not SEEING me. Instantly I was able to flip into THANK.FUCKING.GOD.

My too MUCHNESS deters the NOT much people, and the more I drop into certainty of who I am, the more I repel those who are not, while at the same time naturally attracting in an ever-higher level of person in all areas.

It’s an energy thing, I don’t have to tell you. We always get what we are a match for!

So yes –

The Queen can appear to have a ‘hardcore’ exterior, but those who are meant and ALLOWED to see her will see that her core is soft … wildly feminine, playful, free … she is DEEPLY connected on all levels, and for the very most part you will see her show up as kind, loving, fun, funny, and so on.

In addition to all of that, the Queen is ALWAYS purposeful.

She knows who what she is.

She knows what she is meant for.

And she is living all of that.

PURPOSE is, always, her highest guiding light. For those who align, they will understand that purpose is of course ALWAYS God-led and God-centric.

Purpose shows up as whatever it shows up, and again – for the very most part this is a mix of deep, connected, kind, loving, fun, funny, etcetera.

But on occasion –

On the very odd but very definite occasion –

Purpose and QUEEN (or King) energy will be required to present as NOT AT ALL CALM AND LOVING.

of the QUEEN

In actual fact of course any ‘wrath’ comes only from love in that purpose itself always comes from love.

But that does not mean it will not cut you.
And cause you to question why on EARTH you thought it was remotely a good idea to test whether or not the QUEEN was available for out of integrity NONSENSE.


Because while the Queen may be beautiful –

Soft, to those who may see and know her –

Kind, and loving, and caring, and childlike in her joy of life –

She is not to be fucked with.
She does NOT take bullshit lying down (or at all).
And she will not pander to your NOT-certain-of-yourself need to be validated, reassured, or ‘made ok’ in your weak-minded choices.

If it’s nothing to do with her she will most likely simply pass you by; not even see you.

But if you’ve somehow made your way in to her Queendom –

And then you show up like THAT –

Speak to her in THAT way –

Or talk a certain talk while walking a completely different walk –


She will say what needs to be said.
In no uncertain terms.

Today I was called to such wrath.

I said things which I wondered briefly at – was I being too harsh? Too cutting? Too MUCH?

I checked in.

But NO. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

This was one of those very rare cases where the wrath not only CAN come out –

It must.

And WOE BETIDE being in its wake.

(Although of course you should be grateful to be in its wake – 
if you called that in )

It is rare,

extremely rare,

as have said,

that this is called for.

Because the Queen simply doesn’t match this sort of behaviour showing up, for the very most part.

So why does it show up, you may well wonder?

Because even the Queen still has a shadow to learn from, and release, and continue to release.

Even the Queen gets to be more grounded in who she is.

Called to CALL OUT those who come anywhere near her – who she has ALLOWED near her – who are not grounded, not certain, not strong, not in integrity, not OKAY. In doing so she calls herself out. Deepens herself. OWNS herself. And shifts said self.

Even the Queen gets to be CHALLENGED in order to be then called to a higher remembrance of who she always WAS.

It’s a burning down of the lingering bits of the old,

in order to clear space for the new.

And yes,

you probably would do well to be a little concerned – even fearful – particularly if you are not ONE of us, and you just think she is unbalanced, too MUCH again – by the fact that when the Queen unleashes her wrath indeed she is expanded –

She grows more powerful

Her core more molten steel

She becomes more MUCHY

As she rears up

Having bided her time
Never quick to react
But now knowing it is time
What must be done
Must be done

And so she roars back

THROWS her arms to the heavens

and COMMANDS, in absolute certainty that her wish is ALWAYS done –


with their heads

And so it is

And always was



The wrath
of the QUEEN


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