God gave me a vision today, a vision of rest, and comfort, and care, a place from which all that SHOULD be done, was, a place from which you can create, pour forth, and KNOW –

this is where I’m meant to be
it’s so simple
so beautiful
so yes
and there is nothing more I need concern myself with in this moment
but this

It was the reminder that when things are uncertain, unclear, we are worried, find ourselves perhaps chopping and changing in some sort of frenzied idea of what it will take to save ourselves, to ‘fix’ a situation, to get it on track or to finally –

be where we think we should be

– that in actual fact?

We need to stop. STOP fully. Discontinue EVERYTHING, at least for that moment. And TURN TO GOD WHOLLY,

until we see.

And what I saw was a woman, let’s call her me, you, all of us, wrapped in a blanket and just – resting.

Have you ever been deeply tired or run down, and somebody just takes care of you? You’re all snuggled up, well enough to enjoy some movie or reading time and maybe even a few carefully chosen snacks, but not well enough to get up and go about your business?

There’s something so luxurious about knowing it is ACTUALLY valid that you simply rest. You’re able to deeply enjoy your reading, your movie, maybe some journaling, or whatever it is you happen to do. You know that if you need something, you can request it and it will be brought to you. It’s almost ENJOYABLE to be bed-ridden like this. Maybe because we so rarely allow ourselves permission to ACTUALLY let go, and just –


And I felt God showing me –

“this is how I want you to rest in me”.

It wasn’t about NOT doing (work, writing, creating, leading, BEING the woman who says yes to her call).

It was about – this is the HOW of the doing.

It should feel THIS relaxed. THIS let go. THIS level of being deeply taken care of. The vibe should be ‘there is nowhere I have to go and nothing I have to do but of course I am doing this!’

That last ‘this’ being … whatever you are actually LED to.

The message, and it speaks to all my go-gettin’ leaders, entrepreneurs, waymakers who are determined to GO GET IT, ALL OF IT, RIGHT NOW, AT ONCE, AND SIMULTANEOUSLY COURSE-CORRECT WHATEVER THEY SHOULDA ALREADY GOT –

is clear:

Stop rushing around. Stop being here there and everywhere. Stop deciding first this, now that. Stop trying to figure out, ‘should I take path a, or b, or c, how about d, how about all of them?!’



Let go. That’s it. Some more. Keep GOING. And FROM that place –

what would be left?

What would ‘of course’ be where your attention wandered to, was drawn to, knew to go to,

if you were in rest?

The thing is, women like you, like me, like those who need to hear and see this, we are not the ones who would rest and Netflix our lives away.

When we rest is when we deepen.
It is when we see more.
Are shown more.
And know more.

As a result of that,
it is when our best creative self comes through.
It is when we are able to HEAR what God is saying.
It is when we finally let go of worry, and fear, and ‘what if’, and ‘it’s all on me’.

Don’t you see?

You simply can’t walk the path of destiny which God has for you if it’s all on you.

It’s not MEANT to be that you figure it all out and save your SELF (and this includes your business, money, or any part of your life) and THEN you turn to God and settle in to the way of allowing Him to fully work through you.

It’s just not meant to be that.

But if you insist on doing everything you think you need to do, God won’t interrupt you. He will still be there. But He won’t stop you choosing your own way.

The thing is,

we can be really good at KNOWING we are meant to just go deeper and more consistently with a particular path, the one we’d follow if we operated FROM rest in Him –

and we can equally convince ourselves that we will do that AS WELL AS the things we are doing ‘just in case’, or in some kind of quest to be enough or to ‘get’ somewhere.

The thing is,

it’s not MAYBE God has a plan for your life.

You don’t need to work your back up plans just in case.

The thing is,

you will never catch up in your own effort, to the place where you now get to breathe and just be.

It’s always only:

and then she just did.

That’s all.

Now remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.





has arrived.




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