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The question you should be asking yourself, if right now you know you are sorta maybe kinda possibly saying yes to something which should barely even be a maybe at BEST, is not “can I do this, am I okay with this, can I make it work and will it be fine and perhaps even great?”, the question you should be asking yourself is –

“Is there any part of me which can NOT do this?”

If, and only if, the response is “I HAVE to do this, there is no WAY I can NOT do this, are you freakin’ crazy?!”, THEN you have the go ahead from soul, from higher self, to do the damn thing.

Let’s be perfectly clear here:

When you choose to do or stay with or give of yourself to a thing that is anything other than what I just said, you crowd up the space where the fuck yes thing was supposed to be.

This can happen with people.

It can happen with business ideas, and creative projects.

And if you’re not careful and you’re very very fucking stupid and persistent at creating the wrong fucking life, it can happen with your entire life.

For those to whom this does happen (which is MOSTLY ALL OF THEM, THE PEOPLE PEOPLES) the story which is told the entire way through, is some mix of it’s ‘just this one time’, or ‘just this one last time’, or ‘it’s really not such a big deal, I can do this and also start doing what I really want to do’, or ‘I HAVE to right now for money / other reasons’.

The story, whichever one you’re using, is a lie.

It’s a bullshit myth perpetuated by the fear-mind, and designed to seduce you away from purpose, and a life less ordinary, the life of your DREAMS, your heart, your soul, your God damn blueprint.


Try as you may to convince yourself otherwise, you can NOT have it both ways.

You’re a liar AND a fool if you’re actually pretending to believe that saying yes to maybe can in any way result in a fuck yes outcome.

You’re a bigger fool still if you don’t acknowledge that keeping the maybe around not only crowds up space where fuck yes was supposed to be, but it also REPELS fuck yes.

Do you get that?

Oh, I know you already GET it; your bones know it, it’s been in your consciousness the entire time!

But do you get it and are you willing to accept it, in the here, in the now, and in terms of what that would mean about some choices you’d best be getting on with toot suite.

Including some walking away …

MAYBE repels FUCK yes.

For example –

Signing up ‘kinda sorta not too bad’ clients, or allowing them even into your low-cost products and programs repels your TRUE soulmate clients. They see and FEEL the crowd you got goin’ on around you, and they distance themselves because it is NOT them, or, they just flat out don’t notice you at all.

Want soulmate fuck yes clients EXACTLY like your soul ordered??

Be prepared to ruthlessly cull and then NEVER ALLOW IN AGAIN everyone else.

Most people reading this won’t do this.

Most people are full of shit, but they’re happy to call themselves the 1% within the 1% within the 1%, and say they believe in purpose, in creating their life purposefully, in stepping fully up, saying yes to what’s inside of them, pressing play!

Full of talk.

Always afraid to walk it.

The same goes with projects, ideas, joint ventures you’ve given of yourself to, creative endeavours.

If it doesn’t:

– light you up and lift and excite you every time you think about it
– bring a MASSIVE positive energy charge
– cause you to feel so damn PROUD to sell it or be a part of it
– feel as though it HAS to be born, that if you don’t do it it will damn well birth itself!
feel like easy fun flow to create, even with challenges or uncertainties inherent


But yet you continue to give time, energy, emotion, your LIFE to these things because you think

– They could make you money
– Or make you look good
– Or make you more credible
– Or you’re too damn scared to do what you really want to do, and this feels safer, better, smarter
– Or you’re worried a REAL idea won’t come through
– Or just because you already said you would! 

Want to know what one of the greatest causes of a life NOT well lived is, for one of us; for a called one?


Fuck failure to follow through, that is to your CREDIT!!

Learn to be really really good and really really fast at walking away, and follow the damn RULES of your soul as far as what you consider bringing to life in the world. I wrote ’em above 🙂

Speaking of which –

You say you’re an artist, a messenger, one who channels and downloads from soul, a TRUE leader who lets the message be the message and the art be the art and yet you continue to try and sell or create shit from FEAR or ‘I should’, or ‘it will be fine, I can make it good even!’.

Don’t make me cry.

That’s not art.

That’s not truth.

That’s not messaging.

That is not FAITH.

If you want to be GREAT, if you want to be all you were born to be, you MUST be willing to ruthlessly and RAPIDLY walk away from all that is not I ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HAVE TO DO THIS AND NOTHING AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME.

Or just never align yourself with that shit in the first place.

This concept applies to EVERY area of your life.

Want fuck yes romance? Be ruthless about culling and never entertaining for even a second anything that is not that.

Want your days to float and flow exactly the way you always dreamed of? Duh, then stop doing shit you think you have to do so that one day you can do what you want. No! It doesn’t work like that. You have to LIVE YOUR PERFECT DAY NOW to create your perfect business, lifestyle, life.

Want more explanation on THAT, or some kind of proof?

Fuck you.

You either are one of us, and courageous enough to follow soul and faith and fly fucking blind, led from WITHIN, or you should get out now.

And here is what all of this comes down to, really:

Some people were born to paint by numbers, do ‘good’ work in the world, be a cog in a pretty wheel.

Some were born to light up the damn heavens and leave the entire world breathless, paving their way with fury and fire and flow and FUCK YES, after first walking away from EVERYTHING safe and normal and NOT that.

You can’t be both.


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