Business Mindset, Get a grip

Making ‘I want something different’ reality.

If you think you need to hustle each day to be safe instead of trusting in God, you will continue to experience that as your reality regardless of the fact that His provision as a child of His is absolute,

and done.

If your mindset is that you can’t relax and just be, because there’s so much you need to DO, so much to catch up with, keep up with, make up for, then God on your side or no –

you will perpetually be doing
not there yet
not done
and to top it all off,
you are not enough.

If you wrestle continually with the fact that you KNOW you just need to be disciplined and systematic about such and such one or two (or three or four or five or six, but heck – one or two would be a great start!) habits and routines, but then you perpetually don’t do it because time … energy … too busy … didn’t feel like it … it felt too harddddd –

you will probably find yourself in exactly the same place a year from now, with exactly the same mess still going on; just a years worth more of it, and sure, you’ll no doubt have done some good work in the meantime, been of service and of value, and that’s cool, but ALSO –

you really coulda just done the thing of systematically building the thing you knew to build, you really coulda just decided to BE that disciplined version of you and to address it one 25-minute block at a time each day, and it really COULD have been different by now.

No point crying otherwise, and do not even CONSIDER trying to run with ‘I wasn’t sure if it was what God said to do’. He sure didn’t say turn in circles endlessly whilst only ever repeating a Groundhog Day reality of a life you already lived.

It’s annoying to admit that you really COULD have habitised quite a few things by now and that if you HAD done so, it would be easy and flowy to get the result of ’em, because even on the hard or sticky days it would still be your normal.

It’d be way more comfy making if there were some really real reason you gained even more weight, your money situation still sucks, you don’t have anything you built in your business set up to simply serve and sell without YOU always having to push it, and the same mess you said you’d deal with 12 … 24 … 124 months ago is still there.

But the truth is that that’s just not the case, unless it is, and if it is, you know it is, so let’s just PRAY on that.

But if it really is poop or get off the pot time (3 men and a baby, anyone?!) then, well –

I dunno –

do that?

You do know today could be the day, yeah?

And there’s no point in any shame game around the fact that it COULD have been any number of days before this. So what?! But let’s not already plan in advance for an other so what a year from now, let’s just make it as simple as the fact that you look down the line AT the next 12 months, and you decide –

‘I want something different’.

And then?

Pick your socks up gorgeous, and go do something different.

I don’t know what magic pill you’re looking for that involves you somehow avoiding doing the simply daily stuff you know you gotta do, but I don’t got it and I ain’t selling it.

Now remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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You wanna do something different?

Let’s do something different!
There really is another way …

You wanna do something different?
Let’s do something different!
There really is another way …


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