Success Mindset


“What do you just not wanna do, and what do you choose?

I wrote this in my journal this morning as a thinking point, a question, to get my creative juices flowing and my soul connected back to GO.

Whoever said that ‘asking the right questions is the key to success’ was right. I ask questions CONTINUALLY. Of everyone who comes into my space, just ask my partner haha. Or anyone I’m close to, really. I never stop. I just keep asking until I get the crystal clear soul clarity I knew was there for me, OR until I am guided to switch the question asking back to me. Which is as it should be, sooner or later, always, because ‘me’ is the primary person I’m asking questions of, but when I say me, I guess what I mean is soul … next level or higher self … life … the cosmos … so yeah – me 😉

And, of course, DAILY – God.

In my journaling I CONTINUALLY come up with new questions.

What would you be doing if you fully trusted?
If it never even OCCURRED to you that there was any way aside from the way you’re shown inside?
If you were completely in alignment, completely taken care of, completely doing what you want and following purpose and flow?
If you knew that anything you see as an idea, a vision, a dream, would of COURSE come to life, and had to?
If you had a million $$ in the bank and 200k / month coming in automatically and so money wasn’t even PART of the conversation?!
If you had a magic wand … AND YOU DO … and could use it to do ANYTHING?!

And so on.

^^ these are just some of the MOST basic questions I’ve asked of myself over time, but also some of the most powerful. The fact that I’ve asked and answered these questions of myself again … and again … and again … and again is absolutely a TREMENDOUS part of why and also HOW I’ve created the results that I have in my business, my money, and my life, and also why and how I continue to next level that shiz.

‘How’, because I then go and implement according to the answers that come up for me in response to these soul-excavatin’ and truth-revealin’ sort of questions? Because I make a plan, check it twice, and then do the damn thing of rolling it out?

Uh … no.

I suck at rolling out plans! I suck at making lists and following them! I’m really good at MAKING the lists actually, but follow ’em?


Which is to say hardly ever at all.

So, no. The ‘how’ is not that the answers came up and then I did something with them, unless by ‘did something with them’ you mean LET THEM SEEP INTO SOUL AND SELF AND CORE AND BECOME PART OF ME SUCH THAT MY IDENTITY NEXT LEVELLED LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS, THE SWITCH GOT FLICKED AND I JUST BECAME –

The person with the results. Again.

– in which case yeah. I definitely did something with them!


ASKING the right questions, asking ANY questions, actually, is such a huge part of the pathway to soul-led success it’s actually crazy how much people DON’T do it. Instead worry worry worrying about making sure they are in the HUSTLE do, when they haven’t even got the BE you bit down. (Side note: you can do both at once. #obvs)

Because here is what it comes down to –

Every single time you ask, and then muse on, dig in on, float around a little in your mind on, and / or directly come up with an answer on, a question that in ANY way connects you back to soul truth, there is a shift that occurs.

A release.

A dropping in to.

A deepening.

And maybe an ‘aha’ of some kind which DOES in fact lead you, wittingly or no, towards action.

The very fact that you ASKED the question creates all this! Even if you didn’t write an answer down as such, you can bet your bottom dollar that your sub-conscious mind served one up.

And that without you even KNOWING it it is re-creating you. Changing that internal sat nav we all have. And helping you to further access the blueprint of you being you!!

So today the question came out, as they usually do, from some vague sort of something something wondering about nothing or everything –

“What do you just not wanna do, and what do you choose?”

“Hmmm …” I wrote in reply –

“What do I just not wanna do?”

“I don’t wanna believe that in order to take my brand and my following to the next level that I have to create viral pieces of fancy pants video content.

I don’t wanna do stupid prettied up for the masses shit with a goal to make it ‘hot’ enough that it becomes the thing everybody shares.

ANYBODY can make great viral videos if they really try.

Nobody can do what I do with writing.”

It’s funny, isn’t it? How we all do this thing where we come up with ideas of what we think we have to do, what some part of our weird AF mind has decided is ‘the required thing’ in order to get to the how.

As one of my mentors said to me yesterday, relevant also actually to my ideas of how I’m going to next level my brand – “but why are we talking about the how?!”

Oh yeah … WE DON’T DO THAT. Hahah. I teach and preach and live and breathe and also have built my biz to now nearly my second lot of 8-figures online by IGNORING THE HOW.

And yet I still need those people in my corner to remind me how to be more me! As we all do.

So yeah, apparently one of the things I decided somewhere along the way was a ‘rule’, a ‘how’ that I had to submit to whether or not I liked it, was that I had to create fancy fake videos that go viral, like every other ‘big time’ personal development person out there. And I don’t wanna!

Well – I concede ENTIRELY that the idea that I SHOULD have to is my own bullshit, and nothing else!

And that the way I AM gonna get to ANY place, including ‘there’, is the same way I always do and always have:

– Decide the outcome
– COMMIT to it
– Surrender fully the how
– Take aligned action to the now whilst knowing that it’ll show up when and as it’s meant to, either exactly as I ‘ordered’ it or even better and more aligned and divined!

In this case, PROBABLY, it’s gonna be some sort of mix of my writing and me being more me (when in doubt, ALWAYS just #bemoreKat … me, not you, you be more you), that plus me CLAIMING the outcome and claiming as well that the support or resources or whatever that are part of it just get to show up!

Really –

How else would it even occur?

And then as I kicked my butt with all of THAT, I also realised this –

The things you don’t wanna do are a SIGN post.

The things you don’t wanna do are ALWAYS a sign post!

They’re a direct sign post to flow! Not just vague things to feel a bit shitty about, and avoid or put off for another day, but things to actually pick up and glare at and CONSCIOUSLY THROW AWAY, and in doing so come back to –

Well, what DO I wanna choose then?

Because in the end, it’s very black and white and VERY very simple:

When you choose what you just wish you coulda chose, and you turn your back on all else, it’s GONNA show up for you.

Sure, it’ll take as long as it takes, and oftentimes then some! It is what it is, harden up, SOUL up, and stay the course! You’ve got what it takes to get through this bit of the journey.

But it can’t very well show up for you if you don’t choose it.

So – what do you just not wanna do, and then what do you choose?

Let it be this simple.
It gets to be this simple.
Choose that it is this simple.

Now remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.




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