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Do you believe that if you throw out a line, tether the hook or anchor in, and then simply hold the faith that the thing you tethered in is ‘done’, it will come to pass?

I do.

And I’ve seen it happen over and over again in my own life as well as the lives of too many clients and friends to possibly ever count. Not just SOME of the time, but EVERY time. Every.single.time.

Of course the ‘it’ you’re anchoring in may well shift or adjust or change, what was once aligned and ‘the thing’ can over time or even all of a sudden morph itself into something else, but whatever the ‘it’ is? And whether it’s shape-shifting like a mofo as you move towards it, or just remaining as is? Either way, when you land that hook and then refuse to ease off, it IS going to happen.

If you can’t get your head around this just yet then you may like to peruse my blog articles and live video replays from over the past week or so, as I’ve been teaching on this a LOT.

A simple recap though:

Once you (truly) commit and DECIDE (key word), to a thing which is (truly) God and soul led and aligned, you create a tether (anchor), and an energetic cord between you and the thing, and in order to snap said thing from the so-called “future” now (all possibility is not only infinite but also AVAILABLE now, so really it’s just an alternate now, not a future now) into the NOW now (physical reality), aka it COMES TO LIFE IN THE NATURAL AND IS DONE, all you need to do is to maintain and allow pressure to build on that cord until it has no CHOICE but to become one with you.

Well, it always WAS one with you, that’s the whole point, and also why I don’t adore the word manifestation anymore, because so many people think of it as ‘getting’ something outside of you, not part of you, and making it yours. Whereas what I am teaching is ALLOWING THROUGH WHAT ALWAYS WAS (part of you), and which you perhaps didn’t allow or choose in the physical just yet, for various reasons.

If all of the above doesn’t feel like a SIMPLE recap, then either you’re not fancy enough in your thinking to be part of my community (JK … maybe ) … or you need to drop the whole human and let’s be real FEAR led conditioning, and just FEEL into it all.

OR, like I mentioned, do your damn homework, and read my blogs / watch my videos from the past week or so!

On yesterday’s livestream we spoke about having the discernment to know what faith would have you do right now vs what TRYING would have you do.

And about how the reason most people never actually MEET what they’ve anchored in, is they freak the fuck out like a 2 year old having its candy snatched away, when the going gets tough, or uncertain. They then FOLD (give in to fear), and they start TRYING to push this thang forward.

This in turn BREAKS THE DAMN TENSION which was needed to build up on that energetic cord in order to make the thing HAVE to happen. Leading them to perpetually be trapped in the bullshit lie that BELIEF IS NOT ENOUGH. They PROVE, through their continual try try trying and do do doing that no matter how much they try or do, it still doesn’t work!

So, what TO do, instead?

There’s only one possible answer, isn’t there?

And hold.
And motherfucking hold and REFUSE to fold, until?


Which brings us to today’s teaching –

HOW, exactly, does one hold the faith? Well, the short answer is you be in a continual conversation with God and soul, you stay dialled in, you LISTEN, and you act only from that certain God and soul guidance! But here is a lil bit more of a handy breakdown for you.

Exactly how to HOLD THE FAITH when it comes to receiving more money. You are welcome!!

1) Get Clear on Exactly How Much is Required, and What For

Too many bitches are not getting paid EVER because they think that making more money is all about setting a numbers goal! IF you are truly soul driven by money in and of itself, I expect this would work. For most people, including me, money shows up only when it has a purpose. Maybe for you the money itself is the purpose! And that’s fine. But for me, it shows up when I know exactly where it is going, and exactly how much. Therefore, the most effective way I have found to receive more, which has allowed me to consistently keep growing my income to now multiple 6-figures per month for years now, is to REQUIRE more.

I simply COMMIT (commit, lock in, anchor, not just ‘one day’ or think about, and NOT just say I will pay when I HAVE the money, but actually COMMIT THE MONEY in advance), to more outgoings! OBVIOUSLY this includes (and indeed is primarily) purposeful wealth creation, not just straight up shopping. In fact my income stayed static at 300-450k+ / month for several years because I couldn’t think of anything else I needed or wanted! Which is not a bad place to be 🙂. Now, I am again back to purposefully DIALLING UP my income requirements, but make no mistake – it did jack shit when I just walked around saying I would or should or could do 500k months for the sake of it.

Vague does not work for me.
For the sake of it does not work for me.
A money goal without SPECIFIC and EXACT meaning does not work for me.
Saying I ‘need or want’ more money without ACTUALLY FUCKING COMMITTING IT, i.e. leaping naked and blindfolded into the void, does not work for me! This is because there is no real TETHER. I’m speaking to all of you who say you’re gonna manifest working with me and think that means ‘when you have the money’. Facepalm. Same with gettin’ that dream house / car / anything!

Know what works for YOU – and work it!

2) Diligent Stewardship and Putting First Things First

Money wants to be TREATED nice y’all. You gonna fuck around on it, disrespect it, fritter it away on bullshit but never invest in what soul is guiding you to, or HOLD ON TO IT LIKE SCROOGY MC’SCROOGERSON, then guess what? It ain’t gonna be putting out.

It will pick up its skirts and huff on out of there, reminding you that oh, by the way, you NEVER EVEN REALLY HAD ME ANYWAY, and rightly so!

You want money to honour YOU? Der, honour it. It’s pretty obvious.

This means – be a diligent steward of your money! Know what ALL your desired and required weekly / monthly outgoings are in business and life. Clean your damn house, don’t have bills / ideas / receipts / God knows what all over the damn place. Have it all tracked, attended to, recorded, scheduled, etcetera. Check in it thoroughly weekly, and briefly almost daily in some form. What needs to be paid? What came in? What are you still holding faith for for this week? What action are you then guided to take?

If somebody in your business is going to do this side of things for you I would recommend still being VERY involved. What you water, grows. Water your damn money situation, stop hiding from it, and if you want grown up mature wealth then put your fears and ‘I’m not good enough’s’ aside and act like a fucking mature grown up about it!

When it comes to making payments – who do you pay FIRST? What you choose to do speaks a lot to your beliefs, your faith, your expectancy of being taken care of and continuing to receive at a level of abundance.

You reactive paying whichever things feel more like a fire to be put out, then guess what? You gonna be putting out fires the REST OF YOUR DAMN LIFE, and never moving forward.

So who do you pay first?

– God (tithe), and this is a PRINCIPAL of receiving whether you wanna tithe to God or no. Tithe somewhere! Get in the habit of ALWAYS releasing 10% of your income, it is a GREAT way to receive more and also to stop you getting all ugly needy up in this bitch. Tithing is separate to giving, yeah? Yeah.

– You. PAY YOURSELF FIRST (first after God) LIKE A PERSON WHO HONOURS THEIR OWN VALUE AND WORTH. This includes payments towards any investments, debts, etc. This also includes money consistently ‘bucketed’ away into, say, a fun spending account, an investments account if you don’t have enough yet to start investing, or towards a particular experience or treat or reward.

– Inner sanctum. Team, mentors, those who support you, etcetera.

– Next in order I like to pay THINGS I AM SCARED OF PAYING because my wimpy ass fear mind thinks it might run out of money to pay that thing, and so therefore I should leave it till last, make it ‘optional’. It’s great fun to ACT as though what fear thinks is optional is non-negotiable. It is also a super healthy wealth-building practice to release money you think you might not be able to afford to CONSISTENTLY. This makes space for more money to be paid, to pay –

– Your biz and life non-negotiable expenses, this might also include giving aside from tithes

– Everything else

3) Connecting Always to God First, Being God and Soul Led on What Action to Take

Pretty straightforward, again. The correct action to take is only ever what true faith would have you take, and you can only feel and know this if you are tapped in. You need to be in a continual ‘running in the background’ conversation with God and soul. This means a daily practice, however brief, around deliberately communing in this way. And it also means having God / soul as your ‘base’, your foundation for where your decisions and actions come from.

When you are tapped in you will ALWAYS know what action to take, or when to press pause and not play.

If you are NOT tapped in, do not buy into the nonsense that it is a last-minute thing to do.

It is a way of life.

4) Expecting / Knowing it is Done, Moving Forward Accordingly

You have to cultivate a belief that what you expect and anchor in from soul is ALWAYS done, it ALWAYS happens, that’s just how it is and you don’t have to worry about how! This is a BELIEF SYSTEM.

Good news, you can plant in beliefs and then just practice ’em (rote stating but also living into) until you believe them. Refuse to be available for acting like you DON’T believe what you know your higher self would have you believe! Be strong of mind baby girl! You got this.

From that place, the place we really just call FAITH, move forward. Full expectant. Fully KNOWING. Fully willing to take whatever action you’re guided to take, no matter how scary or what the fuck ever. Fully willing to drop back and do NOTHING if you’re not shown anything to do. Doing nothing can be more scary than doing all the things. BE BRAVE!

Okay, that’s it.

Now get to fucking work.


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