Success/Success Mindset


I know what it’s like to start to question if you can ever live the life you dreamed of, if the stuff you feel inside of you is anything more than a made up fantasy, if those visions you’ve so long held of yourself on the worlds stage, changing the world, being a LEADER, having it ALL, are EVER going to come to life.

I know what it’s like to be down to my last few dollars, heck my last 0.89c, to not be able to pay my bills, to be running SO FUCKING SCARED all day long but yet holding a smile on my face and running on nonetheless.

I know what it’s like to feel like your INSIDES ARE CLAWING TO GET OUT OF YOU because this is not who you ARE God dammit, but yet you can’t seem to get the REAL you out, you feel your very SKIN itching with the desire to let her fly, but you don’t know how and WHY WON’T THEY SEE YOU.

I know what it’s like to spend months, years, even more than a decade doing stuff YOU were just not born to do, in a way that doesn’t SUIT you, and with people you just don’t LOVE.

I know what it’s like –

To look at those who are where YOU KNOW YOU’RE MEANT TO BE –

Be so damn inspired and MOVED by them –

Get so EXCITED when they speak the truth you KNOW is real –


I know what it’s like to feel my life is gradually slipping away, I’m getting older, time is passing, I thought I’d be there now! I’m not! WHY NOT?! When is it going to happen? FUCK, I need to be the one who makes it happen! But HOW, and I’m SCARED, and I don’t know where to start, and WHO WANTS TO HEAR THAT FROM ME?

I know what it’s like to feel ALL the fears of not living your dreams and the terror of what might happen if you DO, but the emotion I remember most from the very many YEARS of living like this is that through it all, underneath it all, OVERRIDING it all, I knew –

I still fucking knew.


So most of all? I know what it’s like to want my dreams so badly that I will just.keep.going. until I get there, and NOTHING, least of all my own bullshit or drama is going to stop me.

But here is one of the things I WOULD change, if I could go back in time, although perhaps I wouldn’t as ultimately everything I put myself through got me to here 🙂

Yet still I wish I realised this sooner, as it cost me years and perhaps millions, but worse still –

It nearly cost me my dreams, and thank GOD I realised what I was doing or I’d still be out there fighting that fight.

You see, for as long as I held on to the need to SEE RESULTS NOW and tried to FORCE money, success, flow to come to me, I struggled and repeatedly seemed to fall flat on my face, often getting seriously hurt in the process.

The more that I fought to hold on tightly and make.things.work, the more I found my ego bruised, my confidence shattered, my dreams slipping ever further out of my grasp, and eventually –

Gradually –

Inevitably –

I was losing faith.

Have you ever had a dream so big, so certain, you KNOW it’s what you’re to live your life for and NOTHING WILL STOP YOU and then you wake up –

One day –

And you just can’t quite see it anymore. It’s fading away, and the worst thing of all? You’re starting to believe you don’t even really care and that it was never even a thing.

I know. I KNOW what it feels like to start to question EVERYTHING you’ve always known is true, and to ALMOST fucking convince yourself that you can live the normal life, it will be okay, it will be fine, THIS IS JUST HOW LIFE IS!

But here is what else I know for sure, if you relate to ANY of this at all, and your soul is crying right now because deep down THE DREAM IS STILL THERE.

You fucking well KNOW that THIS IS NOT ALL THERE IS.

So NO, don’t fucking let go – grab hold of your dreams, write your vision daily, focus on the outcome you KNOW you’re here to create, but there is one critical thing you must do if you’re to ALLOW that outcome, and it goes against EVERYTHING you think is right and true and natural.

You have to let go baby.

You have to fucking DETACH.

You have to stop giving a single –

Flying –

Fuck –

About the results, the changes, the instant gratification you want NOW.

The OUTCOME will come about when you focus on the fucking OUTCOME, when your all day, every day, focus is set firmly and squarely on WHAT YOU REALLY CAME HERE TO DO.

The big picture gorgeous.

It’s ONLY about the big picture, and about what you need to do right fucking now, in this next MOMENT.

So when you hold on –

So tightly –

And you try to MAKE things work, try to make your stuff sell or you freak the fuck out about why nobody is listening, liking, watching –

Your focusing on the wrong fucking thing honey.

You didn’t come here for a like.

You came here to change the WORLD.

And I can tell you that if you look at me, or anybody ‘up there’ and think WHY AREN’T I THERE YET but yet you simultaneously refuse to be where you ARE and just keep going?

You ain’t never gonna get here.

I got here one day at a time, not even. One breath at a time. One word at a time. YEARS of people not responding, not liking, not commenting, not buying, not how I wanted or how I thought it should be.

YEARS of fighting to get seen, to get to flow, to let MONEY flow, to get there.

The GREATEST mistake I made throughout that time?

Was to not fully trust in what I KNEW to be true inside of me, and let it out, and to get distracted by the day to DAY results rather than focus on that big picture vision of me being ALL they way me, and ALL the way there.

Just think about it:

How can you reach your dreams, if your FOCUS is on the results that today brings about?

It’s not about today, this week, this launch, what they think or what they say NOW.


SURRENDER trying to be fucking GOD and making things work NOW. Remember that you didn’t COME here for likes.

You came to change the fucking world.

Get your vision back to where it needs to be.

Let fucking GO.

And realise that if you’d only keep your eyes on the prize and simply walk daily towards it?

You’d find out that actually –

You can fly.