You can’t just keep resisting who you’re meant to be.

It’s going to impact every single freaking area of your life, and it no doubt already is.

At a certain point it’s just – enough.

Get over yourself. Wake up. Slap yourself twice on each cheek and stand to attention, and then?

Fucking LEAP.

Yes, you have fears and doubts which no doubt VALIDLY get to be addressed or heard in some way. Does that need to be done in ORDER to be who you are, and show up for your message, your truth, and your life? NO IT DOES NOT.

In fact, more often than not, the work is the cure.

And let’s face it – It’s eating you alive from the inside out.

It’s slowing down EVERY bit of self belief and confidence instilled or built within you.

It’s making you so so sad.

It’s tearing you DOWN, when you were born to rise and fly.

Yes, it might be awkward, clumsy, and uncomfortable AF to just decide to snap yourself out of the frozen in overwhelm state you’re stuck in.


But do you know what will happen next, and usually a lot sooner than you think?




Oh, and also? That part of you that is activated when you’re truly saying yes to something which is true for you?

It will switch on like a lightbulb sent to light the word and you will finally FEEL yourself, sister.

In the way you’re meant to. And, in the way you NEED to in order to fully show up for your work. Your business. Your soul. Your LIFE.

All you need to do is leap, and then decided to keep on leaping every day no matter what. Before you know it, it’ll be second nature.

And one day you’ll wake up and realise, huh –

I built an entire motherfucking empire from the soul and LOOK WHAT I DID, and apart from the repeat terrifying fuck that was scary leap bit it feels like I did NOTHING, because how can THIS work?

Second nature?

HA. It’s been first nature the whole entire climb.

Restore to factory settings. And be who you were before you allowed fear and fuckery to be the imprint.


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