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If you wanted to, and you’d truly decided, of course you could make a lot of money, out of nowhere, as if by magic, today.

If you wanted to, and you’d truly decided, you could start to see the RAPID growth of your followings across all platforms, today.

If you wanted to, and you’d truly decided, you could observe an energetic shift in who you are and how you are known and seen (hint: NEXT LEVEL LEADER ENERGY), today.

If you wanted to, and you’d truly decided, you could be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you are on path to creating the true empire you’re here to build, today, and that it is happening NOW.

So why is it, since you already know all of this, and you also know (from looking back at your past uplevels) that it’s ALL just a decision in your mind, soul-led, WHY is it then that you repeatedly just –


You came here to build an empire, to impact millions, to be known and seen by the WORLD, to have your work seep into the hearts and souls of those like you all around the WORLD, and (let’s be honest!) also to BE one of the 1% within the 1% within the 1% yourself.

Not just to say it, claim it, and then repeatedly, almost as though your life depends upon it, fail to back it up.

Every day you’re waking up with the weight of that empire you’ve not yet built hanging over you, it’s calling you, it’s urging you, it’s God damn begging you, and what do you do?

You just keep on a-sweeping the floors of the pretty little house you’ve built.

Oh sure, it’s lovely! The neighbours admire it plenty! All who come to stay are MOST impressed at how well its kept, and all the beautiful and fancy bells and whistles.

What a great job you’ve done, building this little house! It FITS RIGHT IN.

And what a great job you’re doing, KEEPING it.

So much to do every day, isn’t there, to keep a beautiful little house?!

Floors to sweep.
Mess to clear.
Things to arrange.
New little trinkets to bring home, and place just so!

It’s … lovely. So sweet! You too, of course, and what an UPSTANDING MEMBER OF THE HOUSING ASSOCIATION YOU ARE.

But an empire?


Well, are you sure that’s what you actually dream of, long for, and know is divined for you, because WE CAN’T SEE PROOF OF THAT ANYWHERE!

Not in what you’ve built.
Not in how you focus so intently on its upkeep.
And also, sorry, but just not in the way you hold yourself, the way you talk, the way you ARE.

And I mean –

You just gotta wonder, don’t you, (or at least I do), if you SAY you’re born for so much more and you also know it’s available then WHAT IS IT PRECISELY YOU’RE WAITING FOR?

You can keep on doing the daily do to maintain and even modestly improve on this here lil house you’ve built –


Sorry NOT sorry, but you can’t simultaneously be playing house with your lovely little business and brand whilst also HELMING AN EMPIRE WHICH IS KNOWN IN EVERY CORNER OF THE EARTH.


You know this.

You think about it daily, in some form.

And yet you continue to perpetuate it!

Somehow another day passing, and then one more, in which once again all you’ve done is KEEP UP WITH WHAT YOU’RE KEEPING UP WITH.

Well, guess what?

If nothing changes, then nothing is going to change!

And a year from now you’ll still be singing that same damn tune, about how YOU are meant to make this much money, impact this many people, be known and seen in THIS amazing way, and everybody on your Facebook will HELL yeah, and then?

You’ll go back to sweeping the fucking floor.

Placed EXACTLY where you have chosen to place yourself dear, and that’s all there is to say about THAT, because guess what ELSE?

(more things you already know!)

– Life will rise or FALL to meet you at exactly the place you choose to be.

So, while I know you are scared about being fully seen,

And whether you really have what it takes,

And about all the things about yourself you REALLY REALLY thought you’d have your shit together with by now, and you just feel SO sad and down that you don’t … you couldn’t possibly put yourself out there like THIS …

And while I know that at times you feel like you’re only just keeping your head above water keeping the damn house, and you don’t have the time never mind the know-how to EMPIRE build right now –

The truth is you have no fucking choice.

Or, to be more clear –


Or what you dream of will never happen.

YES, you can be ‘born for it’ and KNOW it’s meant to be and therefore WILL, except you are WRONG.

It will NOT.

Not unless you go do it!!

Which means, just in case you were thinking of somehow reframing this to suit your fears more, DO IT NOW.

Nothing to ready.
Nothing about or in you to first ‘fix’.
Nothing to complete.
No, the floor doesn’t need sweeping again first!

If you want what you dream of and know is MEANT TO FUCKING BE then you need to be willing to walk away from EVERYTHING that is NOT that, and more specifically, from every part of YOU which is not that, and you need to step FULLY into the empire of the next level leader you or else just stop TEASING and kill her now.

You need to do all of this now.

And it needs to be fast.

And it needs to be FULLY.

And I am NOT telling you anything you don’t know!

Some people will read this, and they’ll hear and feel it’s truth and then guess what they’ll do for the rest of today?

Sweep sweep
Tidy tidy
Clean clean
Arrange and potter
Oh look, the neighbours are coming, gotta make it pretty!


Make no mistake about it –

You can talk of it and dream of it all you like.

You can shout it to the heavens, and affirm it over and over.

You can have everyone in the neighbourhood affirm it for you too, and they will, ’cause that’s what good neighbours do!

But none of this will make it happen.

Wanna know what will?

You flick the damn switch today.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.


Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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It’s just not going to get us the results we want, because for those who are so soul-led, like you, like me, and have that whole crrrrrraazzzzzy creator thang going on (with a hefty dose of chaos!)

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Being that person, the crazy creator soul-led one, can all too commonly result in work, yep, the actual ASSKICKIN’ work that needs to be done for YOUR empire to be created to, well –

Not get done.

The crazy ones have a tendency, from time to time, to get so caught up in ‘I gotta FEEL it’, that they don’t necessarily ground, plant, DECIDE, and make shit happen.

You may have noticed 😉

Maybe because there’s fear there of having to conform! And knowing from experience or just ’cause you KNOW, that you’re not going to, you won’t follow their rules, and so why even try.

Yet at the same time you know:

I have to lay myself on the line.

It’s time to back myself, but FULLY.

I gotta dig my damn heels in and DO the darn thing now!

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It’s motherfreakin’ time.