Success Mindset


Recently my accountant asked me if I’m expecting my current income levels to keep going up, or if I plan for it to go back down to the previous somewhat-consistent level. On a personal level, since I know him super well and we are super close, this is not something he probably needs to ask about me, even though as my accountant it’s a necessary question to ask. Still, it made me smile while on the phone to him:

“Why on earth would I go backwards?!”, I laughed.”It will only be going UP!”, I informed him firmly, and rounded it off with a prediction of a million dollars per/month gross company revenue by the end of 2016.

Let me ask you a question, if you follow me at all:

Do you believe me?

Do you think I’ll hit 7-figures a month by the end of 2016?

Do you think that even if I might be stretching the realms of possibility a tad that if I don’t in fact hit it by then it’ll happen pretty soon after?

Do you think, most importantly of all, that I believe MYSELF and that it’s therefore POSSIBLE for me to do this even if it’s simultaneously beyond the NORMS of possibility?

And lastly of all:

Do I look, act, in any way come across like the kind of person who is cool with EXPLODING past the realms of possible and normal?

Thank you 🙂

It’s easy to predict the future of someone who is NOT you. Whether you’ve actively thought about it or not we all have ideas about where those around us are headed. We shake our heads in woe at those who are clearly on a path of self-destruction, and wonder how they can’t see what they’re DOING to themselves. We look with even greater frustration at those who are ‘big talkers’, yet never follow through, and ask ourselves if it’s really possible they believe their own bullshit.

And we look at those who we know who are life’s winners, life’s action takers, those who say they’re gonna do something and you NEVER would question it as of COURSE they’re gonna do it, with bells on, and probably in half the time and to twice the level of effectiveness they said they would!

It’s EASY to predict the future of somebody else, particularly those we know well and are close to. Of COURSE we can tell what sort of business, body, life somebody is creating; just by looking at them and perhaps a little bit TOO smugly at times!

But when did you last use these superpowers of prediction on YOU?

Look, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that right now I’m on a perfect fucking pathway in every area of my life.

The 3 areas that I’m not satisfied with, in terms of where they’re heading, are my spirituality, my marriage, my mothering.

The first I basically ignore, while continually claiming it’s important to me. I mean Christianity, not ‘woo woo’ spirituality. I’d say I’ve got the latter pretty covered as far as doing spiritual stuff in terms of what the world understands that to mean. But not in the Christian sense, not how I was brought up and actually do fully believe in.

The second we are working on, and hopefully we get there. We’re on the same page for our vision, and we’ve improved a lot from where we were! But we have very different ways of looking at the world and are both extraordinarily hot-headed. Mostly we let this situation create frustration rather than be a positive thing, which I suppose it could be.

The third, I don’t know if I’m just super hard on myself as it’s so important to me to do being a Mum WELL. I worry that I should spend more time lying on the floor playing toys, or read more books, or something. There is a ton of stuff I do as a Mum to engage with my kids and teach them which I know other Mums don’t (I don’t say that in a judgy way, I just mean by virtue of who I am and how I therefore show up with my kids), but I constantly worry about whether I should do more of the OTHER stuff. I guess I think I should, or I wouldn’t put it on this list!

Anyway, the point is that in each of these areas, if I DO want things to improve or move forward in any way then I need to nail that down NOW, because one day?

Is a bullshit fucking fantasy that never arrives, and if you’re not moving forward in an area then you ARE moving back.

No two ways about it, and I’ll bet everyone who knows you well knows it for YOU, in pretty much all areas as well. Which means? That if you’d actually stop and be honest with yourself then YOU know it for you as well!

And this has nothing – NOTHING! – to do with what you SAY you’re going to do, what you SAY you’re committed to, what you SAY you will change. STOP LYING TO YOURSELF. If you’re not doing it now the odds are you will NEVER! What would you say about YOURSELF, if you were critiquing from the outside looking in?

Do you predict you’re going to hit your business and money goals this year? Are you the kind of person who is DEFINITELY going somewhere big? Are you going to do it while rocking the body you want, the relationship you want, the life you want in all areas?

Or are you that person who talks a big game, who tries to hang around the successful folks, but who never actually gets anywhere of note?

Your past ALWAYS predicts your future, so if you want a new future then start changing your past, today.

That’s it really.

What this means is that in each of the areas you’ve NOT moved forward enough to be satisfied with so far for this year you REV SHIT UP STARTING NOW, TODAY, THIS VERY MOMENT. My marriage is an area I have – we have – improved massively over the past year, but the truth is that progress is too slow-going, I think, and somewhat painstaking. So how do we rev it up? Well, right now we’re talking things out somewhat daily (intention setting, inner work), and we’re taking somewhat daily action to connect together and work on our shared goals. So, that’s better than nothing, right? But if I were serious about revving it up we’d make DAILY time to talk and to take action.

Which is also what I COULD start doing today, in my spiritual life.

And I could even start taking a small amount of time each day to ‘play toys’ with the kids, even though I HATE FUCKING PLAYING TOYS! I like goal-orientated games and action-based activities!! Which the kids do love as well, but also: I know they love it when I DO play toys, so suck it up right? Because I should have to do EVERYTHING, as a Mum, no. Because they would adore it, yes, I think so.

The secret to success, in any area, to predicting, writing, creating and LIVING a new future, is simply to start making time for it.

ACTUAL fucking time, not time to think about doing something, not time to talk about doing something. Actual time.

You don’t have to even know what to do in that time, but if the area matters to you and you DO want to improve upon it then just START WITH SOME TIME INVESTED INTO IT.

20 minutes, where you put a timer on, and you work on your fitness.
30 minutes, where you sit your ass down, and you start tracking your money and writing out the beliefs you want to truly believe on money.
40 minutes, where you FOLLOW THE FUCK THROUGH on creating content and sharing it visibly, as the leader you say you want to be.
60 minutes, where you GTF over yourself and you actively SELL AND PROMOTE your shit.

My average, if you’re wondering, is 40 minutes. I invest about 40 minutes a day into each of the areas that matter to me which are ACTIVELY IMPROVING. It’s not a lot to ask to achieve your dreams, is it?! But it does have to be every day.

Day in and day out.

So today I urge you:

Take a good hard look in the mirror. Be OKAY with acknowledging where what you’re doing is not good enough. I just did it publicly!! So I think you can handle doing it for yourself, at the very least 🙂

And then do something about it.

What you’ve got to understand about success – what we all have to understand – is that it doesn’t happen just because it could, and not even just because you were ‘born for it’.

It happens if you do the fucking work.

Nobody who knows me would question even for a second that my business is going to continue to grow, that I will always be a ‘successful person’, in that area. This is NOT because I am more born for it or made for it than you. It’s simply because every day I make space for it, and then I take action like a successful person would.

You want those guaranteed results for yourself? Then sit down today and write out the future of who you CHOOSE to be, and then without further ado rip the fucking bandaid:

And start acting accordingly.