Stop trying to be somebody God never told you to be.

Let go today of the bits you’ve been adding or excusing.

Surrender NOW to the fact that it gets to be relaxed.

Drop every last bit which was made or informed by YOU.

The story you’re going to look back and tell is not ever, was not ever, could not ever possibly be ‘oh, I fought valiantly to prove I was enough, worthy of being listened to or heard, adjusted and primped and polished and then edited through 5 different filters every single part of who I am and what was coming out of me so that ultimately?

I could finally make something of myself and share with the world the work God was putting through me.


And if you want to actually step forward in YOUR story, the one which God Himself wrote for you, and into the good works He prepared for you before you were even born …

you’re going to have to at some ANY-DAY-NOW point let go of all the extra stuff which is just not what you’re being SHOWN.

Oh, I KNOW – believe me, I know! – how easy it is to convince yourself that maybe you DO need to pretty it up, primp it up, position it up, add more, be more, do enough, say it more like ‘that’, or at the very least get your trending reels game ON.

And sure.

Maybe that IS your thing.

But I guess what I would really say to that is, well – IS it your thing?

Is that the thing that would come out of you if you were just,

and fully,

but truly,

being only,


You know?

Think about it this way:

What right now that you are putting out into the world is the ‘oh, that is SO > insert your name <‘? The ‘of COURSE it was gonna end up being that’ flow thing?

And what right now, simply –

saddens you?

Shrinks you a little?

Or maybe a lot?

What feels frustrating, annoying, as though you’re having to EFFORT so much?

And what is just joyous release and flow?

Can you imagine dating the way you’ve perhaps been doing aspects of your business?

The editing, the filtering, the continual TRYING to be?

And then, if you’ve been blessed with relationship flow – romantic or otherwise – where you simply ARE, but ALL of you, the JOY of the thing. You know? The bubbling over giddy beautiful WONDER of the thing! The YES GOD YES AMEN AND THANK YOU IT GETS TO BE THIS GOOD of the thing! (I may be experiencing it rn ;))

Let’s get real here –

Do you honestly believe business, messaging, your purpose work, is meant to be anything other than ONLY that?

I can tell you it is NOT.

Because what it IS meant to be is simply YOU.

You, let go.

You, surrendered.

You, in flow and submission to what God is putting through you.

THE WAY YOU WISH IT COULD BE, and the way it just IS –

when you look within.

So if you’re looking for a ‘how’, a ‘what next’, an instruction for NOW, well –


Look within.

And write | speak | create | pour forth | sell what you see there.



Stop trying to be somebody God never even told you to consider.

It really is that simple gorgeous.

And then?

She just did.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



Warfare Prayer Day 1 is LIVE live in the group and I’m just going to say –


I am simply… beyond humbled grateful and in awe of what God is doing.

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I love you and I’m praying for you!


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The stripping off and the practicalities of what that looks like

An incredible time with 5 other women of God

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I’m making a promise to God and I’m keeping it, that I am going to quit holding back on CONTINUALLY letting you know that The Secret Garden is the place you need to be.

It simply … is.

Because when God opens a door? WHAT HE BRINGS THROUGH WILL ASTOUND YOU. And I mean daily. On repeat. And that is SO not an about me thing, relevant to this beautiful space He gave me for you.

The women.

The warfare.

The worship.

The daily refrain of “look what God did!”

The breakthrough, and yes – down.

The stripping off.

The laying bare.


The renewal.

And the fact?

That there really is a different Kingdom, and a different way.

Come see what He had me make you,

and join the place where we look through KINGDOM eyes

and pluck dreams and the now from the skies


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I love you and I am praying for you!

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