Becoming The Queen!


Queen, it’s time to begin transcending the lower levels.

To let go of the chains you’ve bound yourself with the bondage of silk or chain or rope or whatever it may be, which once served a purpose, oh so necessary, and now –

simply does not.

It’s time to shed all that no longer serves, and all that, by its very definition, can simply not come WITH you.

To the remembrance.

To the initiation.

To the activation.

To the CROWNING, and the completion of your entering –

To the throne room.

It’s time to boldly gaze into your own soul, and remind yourself of who you always were.

She, who always knew.
She, who always was.
She, who cannot forget, and who, even though she has long sought to hide, avoid, delay – CONTINUES TO BE WHO SHE IS.

At her core, Queen.
Beneath the fear, Queen.
Hidden under the layers of the self who thought there was much to be proven, fought for, won –


It’s time to begin the march into the next world, THE DAY HAS COME AND THERE WILL BE NO AVOIDING IT.

In the earlier days, yes –

You needed to learn in that way.
Your growth required you to battle in that way.
Patience, resilience, tenacity –

These things had to be built.

Well Queen, you’ve built them.
You did it.
You are DONE.

And at this point, it is pointless to continue playing at that level, it’s a level you completed long ago and yet you CONTINUE TO TURN IN CIRCLES WITHIN.

At this point, you must surely realise –

(and I know that you do know!)

– the higher levels are EASIER.

So much easier.

So VERY much easier,

Then the path you continue to try so futilely to pave, over and over again, where you’ve ALREADY PAVED.

Don’t you see?

You’ve shed your skin already.

Your wings are waiting.

Your CROWN is waiting.

Your THRONE is waiting.

Your COURT is waiting.

The initiation has BEGUN,

but Queen –

Where are you?

It’s normal to be nervous, as you begin the walk into the deepest shadows of your soul.

As you begin the activation of power beyond what most would dream of, or deem remotely available, or real.

As you feel in advance, the weight of the jewels atop your crown bearing down upon your beautiful beautiful and oh-so-high-held head.

It is not normal, however –

(although it may well be COMMON, amongst those who, in the end, show themselves to not have what it takes to be who they are)

– to CONTINUE TO AVOID, and hide, in spite of this.

For now you have been allowed to get away with refusing to complete the journey.

For now God has been patient with you as you continue to insist on re-learning the lessons you’ve already marked off.

For now all that was always yours is still waiting.

But enough is enough.

It’s time for sovereignty.

It’s time for activation.

It’s time for you.

It’s time?

For Becoming the Queen.

Becoming the Queen:

28 Days to Remember, Initiate, and Activate, Your Crown (with Katrina Ruth)

This is what is required of you, to enter this work:

You know who you are, and what you were brought here to do.

While there is always room for, and delight in, greater clarity, there is no mistaking or replacing the fact that you DO KNOW.

You know what it is your life was given you for,

And you are ready to give your life for IT.

You’ve transcended already, the levels where you thought yourself unworthy, unready, unknowing, unwomanly enough, or whatever it might be.

At times you feel the ghosts of these testing energies past rise up to try and play with you, at times you even ALMOST entertain them, but beneath all of that, and through it –


You’re beyond such distractions from purpose.

Because your commitment TO purpose, to truth, to God, to soul, to your destiny, is too great.

The call has become so loud you can no longer ignore it, and all of the reasons which felt so valid, so real, as to why you couldn’t yet step into the throne room, the things you didn’t know if you could let go of, the things which pulled at you, had a hold over you, and which you allowed to GUIDE you, well –

the truth is that one by one,

they’ve faded away.

At times you forget this! And worry you are still that same person, who sabotages, who distracts, who avoids.

But actually,

you’re not.

In actual fact, who you are, yes RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT, is the Queen who has simply not yet taken her throne.

The world is done with waiting for you, and in fact it always was.

You’ve been appointed by God himself.

Your higher self has nearly worn out her perfect red-bottomed toes tap tap tapping them, and wondering when you’ll finally succumb.

And you – !


As much as you do still enter, on occasion, into worry, into wonderment around your abilities, and right, into questioning if you could really get to live like THAT, the truth is you’re so damn ready that everything around you, even all that you yourself created, demanded, and once upon a time longed for –

Has become boring.
And stale.

It’s time for a new day.
A new dawn.

And at this point, try as you might (and it seems you really have tried!)

You cannot possibly come up with a single valid reason to continue to delay.

Your excuses are no longer accepted here.

(And in actual fact never were, but you did a damn good job of closing your eyes to that Queen ;))

So Who Am I, to Take You Through this Process?

I am Katrina Ruth.

Once upon a time my identity was ‘self-made multi-millionaire, kicking the ass of the 1% within the 1%!’. I walked away from a business which was at nearly a million dollars a year, in order to create my multi 7-figure ONLY soul-led online empire.

Where I do what I want each day,
Be all of me,
Completely on my terms,

And empower, inspire, motivation and ALIGN driven badass leaders like you,

To do the same.

Alignment & Asskickery for those who were called for more – and are ready to do what it takes, no matter what it takes, until it takes, to claim it!

I’m a single mother, and I live on the Gold Coast of Australia, traveling here and there and most everywhere as and when the spirit calls me (and as and when it aligns with my kids and their Dad ;)) –

I write a LOT (usually at least 3000 words a day).

My daily blog “Daily Asskickery for Revolutionary Fucking Leaders” goes out to hundreds of thousands of called ones around the world.

And I am published in the worlds leading entrepreneurial and success mindset publications, such as Forbes, Success, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Time, CNBC, and even Australia’s best business journals, multiple times each month.

I’ve built my business simply by #beingmoreKat … which is mainly writing and speaking, including my (typically random, often ranty, frequently a little disturbing!) Facebook livestreams, which are usually several times a week

I understand, and teach and preach a LOT on, that when I say yes to soul, life says yes to me.

And so I have trained myself to say yes to soul, without hesitation, no matter what.

My soul is planted in God, the King of Kings and Most High.

And it is ALL, including the content I create, and the over 300 products and programs I’ve launched online, a matter, fully, of me allowing the message to come through me, and allowing it, my art, to be what it MUST.

I find that the more I release, and even fully forget about, AGENDA,

And simply do what I must because I can’t NOT,

The more everything flows

Exactly as I always knew it would

But really what I do is simple, and this is all that matters:

I help you remember who you are.

And then become it.

And in Becoming the Queen?

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What is This Work Then, the Work of Becoming the Queen?

Queen, you already know the work.

You’ve become the work, in many ways.

But there is much you are still avoiding, and allowing yourself to feel unsure around.

The truth is you are sure, you have never been anything other than sure, SUREDNESS is at your core.

It’s the very reason people flock to you,

Long to simply BE in your presence,

And indeed are shifted as such, indeed this is true even in the instances when you refuse to be all of you!


You are one of those very few people whose mere presence DOES initiate change.

This is who you’ve always been.

Ego, misguided, has told you that it is wrong to lean into that, that it is fantastical, too much, ridiculous, outrageous!

What is outrageous –

Is refusing to be what you are.

Does the eagle hide in the scrub because he feels bad about being appointed as King of the birds?

Does the lioness mate with the lamb in order to make the other animals feel better?

So what then,

In actual fact,

Are you doing?!


You do know the work.

And the work is this:





These are the 4 areas our work will centre around.

Let’s discuss each, a little.


The way you hold yourself.
The way you reveal yourself.
The way you BE yourself.
How you allow and choose for your physical being to look, feel, shine.
The unapologetic owning of your truest soul work.
The making space for that.
The allowing all that is not that to fall away, and easily be taken care of.

These are just a few of the things we will work on, in Embodiment.

As a result of this, quite simply:

– Your physical being will shift into a greater state of grace, joy, energy, beauty, SOVEREIGNTY. Weight which needs to be shed will shed. Postural changes led by energy, and allowing of being seen, will take place. A lightening will occur, inside and out. You can expect your skin to change. The way you walk. The way you BLEND, and DANCE, with life itself.

Just to name a few things 🙂

– You will be doing the work you are meant to do each day, from soul, the deepest madness of your heart, and true art, and you will have absolute soul certainty around this, knowing, also, how it is all working together to allow destiny, the creation, of yours.

– Time will shift for you. It can not not. I will explain all this to you in a way you’ve never before heard, or understood. We’re playing with divine law here. This transcends the normal rules.

– The work which is not of your SOUL will begin to take care of itself, ‘do’ itself, and / or fade away. There is no force or sacrifice energy required, in embodiment. Everything will be taken care of.

And so it is.


You’ve always known your truest power transcends your own human abilities, knowledge, self.

You’ve known that at a certain time it would BE time to go beyond the (admittedly impressive) strength of just YOU.

This has felt scary.

At times wrong.

At times annoying, as though you don’t want to hand it over!

Nonetheless, it is time, and this is what we will do.

ACTIVATION is a process of:

and Receiving

These are the things we will be working on, in ACTIVATION, in order to open up the channel to FULL receiving in all areas.

As a result of this work, you can expect:

– Ease and flow of ideas
– Creative certainty, a ‘knowing’ of what you are meant to do, and how to do it
– Marketing and selling becomes completely organic, you do it without even thinking about it, and it works beyond what you’ve ever before experienced
– Money channels are opened up
– The chords between you and your actual highest frequency soul clients / soul tribe are tightened, drawn into reality, meaning – they show up, like magic, out of nowhere
– You FEEL yourself in a daily dance of complete unbridled passion, with life itself
– You can also expect receiving and RAPID frequency shifting (as well as physical shifts) in other areas, such as your personal relationships, and, most of all, the way you see and know YOU, and therefore allow THROUGH all of you.


Ahhhhh, the foundation and footing of all of it.

What could be more powerful, than knowing every day that you are creating, with ABSOLUTE certainty, from the right place?

I will tell you:


Until now, you’ve dipped in and out of a life purposefully created through planting in God, in soul, in highest truth.

This has naturally led things to be a lot freaking harder than they needed to be! But, it has been for your growth, and that is good.

At this point –

The lessons have been learned.

And it is time to move on. Thank you very much.

NOW, you understand that the ONLY thing which matters is being dialled in, so that all that comes through and FROM you comes from the right place –

And in one fell swoop –



– To learn how to listen to, and HEAR God, and soul
– Recognising a ‘seed’, a promise of what is truly yours
– How to wait, and be in joy as well as receiving IN that waiting
– Recognition and claiming of the harvest
– Being God and soul led in all areas, having continual access to that guidance, blueprint, certainty, such that you always know what to do and how to do it, exactly as you need to, and when
– Recognising temptation, swaying from alignment, seeing it for what it is and not being drawn
– Being in continual conversation with God and soul, having an open pathway for that conversation, and knowing always what you hear
– How to handle, and move through, confrontation, fear, unreadiness, unwillingness. How to easily say yes to soul, and fast, no matter the circumstance
– The art and the practice of FAITH
– And so much more besides! Our work here in CONNECTING could and perhaps one day will be an entire course in and of itself.

As a result of this, well –

You can expect to see every single area of your life come up to where it was always meant to be.


Perhaps the hardest work.

Perhaps the easiest though, if you choose (and why would you not) that from here on out you PLAY AN OUTCOME BASED GAME OF LIFE.

You no longer adhere to the demands of fear.
You have no time for the seduction of the short-lived now.
You believe in and are LED by the deeper now, the truer now, the now which transcends surface wants, desires, cravings, and that continual false need, Devil and fear led, to ALLEVIATE TENSION instead of building more purposefully towards truth.

You learn to be strong. To see the greater vision. And to act from it, even when you don’t see it.

Most of all, you learn to let go of needing to know, of needing to control, of needing to hold on.

You finally GET that surrender is inherent to receiving, and that in so many ways, this has been the final straw needed,

to activate the crown.

The joy of learning surrender, TRUE surrender, is that you will find the greatest pleasure in BEING that you have ever experienced, for in surrender, truly –

Is where freedom lies.

As a result of our work in SURRENDER you can expect:

– to finally feel and know that you are free
– taken care of,
– abundantly
– and to see the breakthroughs you’ve been waiting for, across all areas of your life, as a result of this

As a bonus:

You can also expect to look a lot more amazing. Holding on is a heavy and ageing load 🙂

The Curriculum of Becoming the Queen

This is an all new course, created live with me, in co-creation with God.

How it works:

A mixture of video, audio and written lessons.

All content yours to keep for life.

Opportunity to ‘be in the hot-seat’ and be personally coached live by me

How it really works:

Your soul says yes.
And so you do, too 🙂

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I look forward to supporting you to take your crown, Queen!

It’s past time.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play!

Kat x

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This training alone will shift you in a way that will change your entire way of looking at how to DO, and allow you to just drop in and be.

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3. Align To That Next Level of Receiving! This 50 minute video training will lock you in, now that the receiving channel is open, on who you now get to BE in order to go next level … next level … and next level again, in all areas! Think of it as the blueprint of your highest self.

– the PS:

Your soul already knows.

Don’t refuse again, to take the seat which has been given to you.

Join Becoming the Queen today,

And let the initiation begin.

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