The life God has for you, the life available for you, the life WRITTEN for you, destined, and ALREADY,

yours –

is a life in which you will look around and realise you are literally living in a ‘too good to be true’ reality, and then it just gets BETTER.

Right now you need to stop and get REAL brutal with yourself and REAL honest about where in your life THAT sort of feeling is categorically not the case.

But then, instead of doing the usual old “oh well, this is just what it is for now”, or “maybe this IS just what I get”, or “well I fucked it up and maybe I AM just a fuck up in this area”, straighten yourself up, by all means APPRECIATE what’s in front of you because gratitude is a winning vibe, and also life is NOW, but then?


Admit that if you’re honest you YEARN for something so much greater, so much bolder, so much more VIVID, so much deeper, and ultimately –

so much more YOU.

Now close your eyes with me real quick. And FEEL it. That life. That shift. That SWITCH. That change. That reality you barely even let yourself think about living because it’s safer not to acknowledge your true wants, easier then, to not feel rejected, or worthless, or like a screw up, when you don’t get ’em.

LOOK at them. LOOK at the visions God has placed in your heart. LOOK at the longings of your soul. LOOK at the dreams and fantasies and hopes which dance around in your minds eye as you imagine what maybe … just maybe … the tiniest little seed of maybe … could be.

FEEL it. Do you feel it? Are you willing to BREATHE it with me? Are you willing to take a deep old shuddery breath and just BREATHE it? Are you willing to ADMIT –

I want this. I WANT that. I want ALL of it.

>>> The reality is that God has a dream for you in this area beyond even your wildest imagining. Your too good to be true fantasy gets to be your reality and then it WILL just get better. <<<

This is just how it works. When we CLAIM what is already ours and then ALIGN ourselves into the place where it occurs. Think of it as a puzzle piece just being moved into place. The piece already fits. The puzzle is waiting for it. It is WRITTEN. But it still needs to be moved into place.

Where do YOU need to be moved into place right now, in order to exhale into the reality that was WRITTEN for you in a particular area? Where do you therefore need to discontinue or destroy certain patterns of behaviour, thinking, expecting, in order to allow this alignment? Where do you need to cancel the works of the devil over your mind, your heart, your hope, your life?

You GET to hope for your WILDEST dreams, and THEN KEEP GOING. Hope?! You get to EXPECT.

But you do need to ADJUST where you are showing up as that person who clearly DOES not expect and does not get.

Look, in the end it really is gonna come down to this:

You dared to dream your impossible dream because you realised it was just an entry-way to all that God actually has for you, and so you decided to align to being that person ANYWAY,

(meaning, in spite of your fears!)

and so you ended up living your BEYOND TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE REALITY,


You just didn’t.

It really is that simple.




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