Success/Success Mindset


This one is going to hurt and piss off some people.

Reality: MOST people trying to make it as an entrepreneur are not only not going to make it they shouldn’t even be swimming in the pond.

They weren’t born for this.
Shouldn’t even try.
Flat out don’t have what it takes.

Anybody who tells you entrepreneurs (or leaders while we’re at it) are made not born is a fucking moron.

Do I mean you can’t learn how to act like an entrepreneur and maybe even create some success with it? No, I don’t mean that and yes, you CAN learn that shit.

But learning how to do something is not the same as being something. As being INFUSED with it into the very essence of your soul, since before time began.

That is who I am.
It’s who my clients are.
It’s who the 1% are.

We are THAT freaking arrogant about it as well, and not only happy to be but also well aware of the fact that in order to achieve what we were born for we MUST be that sure of our God-given right and RESPONSIBILITY to do so.

Here is the TRUTH about what people will buy, if you want to build a powerful personal brand and get famous for being you. And when I say this you’ll understand perhaps, more, about whether or not you were born for this.

(That last sentence was a trick sentence by the way. If you don’t understand why; you lose, go away, you weren’t born for this and this community is not for you.)


The biggest thing people are going to buy is you.

They want to know:

What you do
How you eat
How you sleep
How you workout
Your productivity and time management approach
How you think
How you set and achieve goals
What YOUR business day or behind the scenes looks like
How you overcame your shit (the ACTUAL situation of what you did inside and out not the pretty story version)
What you do to make more money
Or get in shit hot shape
How you improve your mindset
Your routines
Your disciplines
Your practices
Your soul
They want your soul
They want to be STEEPED in your world
They want to enter your body mind brain and heart and BECOME you
They want to be you
They want to be THEM but they see in YOU who they really are and so they want to siamese twin their asses with yours and basically absorb the habits beliefs thoughts and discipline of who you ARE so that they can become who they deep down want to be and GET TO WHERE THEY WANT TO GO

And when you give them this? When you let them in, stop being scared to just show the TRUTH OF YOUR LIFE and who you are and what you do they will give you money for that shit.

And they will buy any product, program, offering you care to come up with because they ALREADY BOUGHT YOU.

But here is the catch:

For people to want to know all this, to be FASCINATED by who you are and want to be around you and also want to BUY WHAT YOU’RE SELLING you’re going to need to be …


How do I say this?

Fucking fascinating.

Which is to say you DO need to be good enough to play at this level.

This is not an ‘are you inherently good enough’ sort of a concept. YES you are good enough as a person, you’re worthy, you’re awesome and gosh darn it people like you! (Who knows where that’s from??!)

This is a very simple very practical very real matter of WHAT HAVE YOU DONE THAT MAKES YOU GOOD ENOUGH FOR PEOPLE TO FOLLOW YOU AND GIVE A DAMN?

What have you achieved?
What have you overcome?
What is the transformation you’ve had?
What are your RESULTS?

Too many people are walking around making selfie videos and writing messages of supposedly aligned intent, waiting for a tribe of loyal cult-like followers to come and, well, follow and then buy.

And then they’re wondering why nobody’s buying.
Why nobody cares.
Why nobody GIVES a flying fuck about what they have to say.


I’m messaging!
I made an offer!
I’m telling people!

Cool …

But who the fuck are you and why should I care?

Are you hot?
Are you rich?
Do you have an insanely awesome relationship?
Are you ACHIEVING something?
Are you BEING something?
Did you OVERCOME some shit and where is the RESULT OF THAT?

Show me the result.
Show me the success.
Show me how you earned your stripes.
Show me what YOU CAN SHOW ME that would make me want to follow you.

Because when I look at your messages –

I see some rambly jumbly shouty stuff …

I’m not even entirely sure it’s YOUR true voice and stuff …

But even if it is and sometimes I know it REALLY IS and I feel the power of WHO YOU COULD BE …

Then who are you?
And why should I follow?


Look, you don’t have to be shit hot rich and have a hot body and a first class lifestyle to create a following and make money for being you … but it sure ain’t gonna hurt.

And the REALITY is that you DO have to have something, be someone, have done some awesome stuff that other people desire and want in THEIR lives.

And then what your MESSAGE does is it resonates with their soul beliefs and values and what they’ve always deep down thought it was about.


So, if your stuff ain’t selling …

If you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s and your offer freaking ROCKS and it’s so pretty as well …

If you’re diligently blogging, showing up on social, engaging, striving to be part of the conversation …

And you can’t figure the fuck out why you’re not getting traction?

It’s pretty freaking simple.

You probably don’t have anything other people want.
You’re probably not someone they want to be.
Or, there is a small chance you’re just hiding the awesomeness about you.
But for most people trying to play life this way?

Never gonna happen honey.

So either get out of the fucking pond.

Or go achieve some awesome shit and then come back when you got the goods.

Born for this?


And if you are and you know it and you’ve GOT the fucking goods then share that shit with me. WAVE YOUR FLAG RIGHT HERE because I LOVE celebrating and lifting up those who are born to lead and change the world! So tell me what you’ve got. Who you are. What you achieved. What you did. WHY WE SHOULD CARE.

Post your photos.
Your results.
Your transformation.
Your badassery.

‘Cause guess what? They ain’t gonna buy if they don’t know.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand:

Born for this and you know it? THEN STEP THE FUCK UP.

Don’t have what it takes and got nothing to show us? THEN GO THE FUCK AWAY and figure out your shit.

But either way, most of all,