Success Mindset


So you’re tired, overwhelmed, stressed and can’t seem to keep up with your own shit let alone all the shit everybody else is up to which you THINK you need to get onto

I get it.

I’ve been there too many times to count, and if you wanna know a secret? I’m still there, always and perpetually, teetering on the edge of overwhelm and I JUST WANT TO SCREAM THEN CRY AND RUN AND HIDE, with the other side of that fine line being the reality I instead CHOOSE to hang out in 99% of the time, namely OMFG my life is insanely awesome and I almost can’t believe I get to live this way, except it’s by design and I created it so of course I do 🙂

Safe to say, I prefer THAT side of the line but here is why it IS such a fine line and here’s what you need to know about not falling off the edge and into never-ending fear and panic:

You’ll be on the right side of the line when you spend the majority of your time doing what lights you up.

For those of us in THIS community – those of us who are the 1% within the 1%, the entrepreneurs, leaders, artists, creators, performers and REVOLUTIONARIES who’ve always known we are called and that we have a message and TRUE WORK to unleash – that means:


For me, specifically, if I don’t write | speak | create | sell every.damn.day and in fact MULTIPLE times per day, okay let’s be honest pretty much ALL day long, then I turn into a raving ranting mess and NOT in a good way.

I find myself becoming anxious

I feel REALLY freakin’ overwhelmed, panicked, and as though no matter how much I do there will ALWAYS BE SO MUCH MORE …

I start to question EVERYTHING, even my gut instinct and intuition which I’m normally SUPER finely attuned to and in fact frequently and publicly credit as being my BEST business tool …

I feel like I REALLY don’t have time to properly do my inner work, my journaling and mindset practice and so I drop back time on it, do it less regularly, or if I get really sucked in I completely stop …

Everything feels like it’s just COMING AT ME all the time and I HATE it and I can’t STOP it and WHY CAN’T YOU ALL JUST FUCK OFF AND LET ME BINGE EAT MY WAY INTO OBLIVION.

And here you thought I just write and speak and create so much and bring the sales hustle DAILY because it has created me a multi-million dollar business and allowed me to impact millions as well 🙂


I mean sure, yes, THAT is all great. But it’s first and foremost about me, and what I need. IT’S ALL ABOUT ME BABY!

And what I need is to DAILY and indeed ALL day express myself. Be HEARD. Be SEEN. UNLEASH. And show the fuck up, just like this, or in so many other ways.

The fact it makes me MONEY to message and create all day like this? Is entirely because I got sick and fucking tired (quite literally, and overtly, in both areas) of trying to get rich or successful by doing shit I didn’t wanna do.

I always was that kid who just wanted to do things her way …

I hated to follow the rules!

I just wanted to DO WHAT I WANTED TO DO which was ALWAYS to write and speak and lead and explore. So eventually after falling the fuck down into stress and panic and bingeing and FAILURE enough times I just got done with picking myself up again.

And I decided – in my FUCK THIS SHIT moment! – to find a way to make money doing what I love.

EVERYTHING I get to do now and the fact that my business not only allows but also DEPENDS on me creating from the heart all day, was because I decided that I was simply GOING to make money that way.

The thing to understand, is not just to nod your head and think YES, me too, I too need to write and speak and create and EXPRESS, but first I need to DO ALL THE THINGS so I have space and time and then I need to know, please tell me Kat, how do YOU fit it all in, what’s your schedule how do you DO ALL THE THINGS EACH DAY and still get to do YOU so much and do what you love …

But instead, HERE is what you need to understand:

I do what I do at the EXPENSE of all that other stuff.

This is the SECRET about staying on the right side of that line, about spending your days feeling lit up and excited and ON FUCKING FIRE and LOVING what you’re doing and being in the ZONE and also making MONEY from it.


Create first.
Create always.
Create until you’re done creating.

Never gonna be done? Then THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS YOU WERE BORN LIKE THIS and keep.on.creating.

Wanna make MONEY from it? Then just do as I did and decide that that is HOW you’re going to make your money, commit to it fully and then follow the fuck THROUGH whether or not you feel like it or know how, and also, BY THE WAY ..

.. if you wanna make MONEY …



All day.
Every day.

The way I do that is simply link all my offers to the end of my writing | speaking | creating and also the offer ITSELF is always simply an extension of my message and based in its ENTIRETY on what I really want to write and speak and unleash about.

Haven’t you noticed?!

But realise that this is not something SPECIAL FOR ME. I APPOINTED myself as this leader. I DECIDED this was how I was going to make my money. I REFUSED to back the fuck down and I made it so.

And as for dealing with all that OTHER shit?

Making things look right and putting them together right and doing ‘by the book’ lead gen and marketing and sales processes up and keeping up and getting back to people and being organised and on top of things …?

Nah .. not so much!! I stamped out THOSE bad habits of KILLING MY DREAMS long ago!

I stopped WORRYING about doing everything that had to be done.

I learned to be okay with the CHAOS.

I realised that if I didn’t focus on what MATTERED now, I never would.

I also tuned the fuck in to the REALITY that the fastest way for me to impact millions and also MAKE millions is to show up, message, and SELL. And fuck EVERYTHING else, and I mean that.

On a practical level, how I DO deal with all that other shit? I do NOT give in to it, because when I do then I stop messaging and doing what matters and temporarily tell myself the answer is to DO ALL THE THINGS so I can GET ON TOP OF THEM and instead what happens is I go into meltdown.

I’ve found that taking even a DAY off my messaging basically screws me emotionally for 3-4 days and makes me also SUPER unproductive and additionally makes me energetically OFF MY GAME as far as serving and selling.

So basically – me being organised is a terrible idea for everyone!

So instead what I do? I force all that stuff to fit into the POCKETS OF TIME. I use TIGHT timed periods to speed through it, as imperfectly as possible, AFTER I have done what matters. I leave it till the LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE so I then HAVE to get it done. And where at all possible I ruthlessly delete or delegate. Anything that feels like it could become time consuming or I don’t know HOW I take it off my list and instead start manifesting it as ‘already done’, trusting that it will be sorted out for me then by someone else or by God himself, and that’s then exactly what happens.

STOP telling yourself you need to do less and find a way to be on top of things if you feel overwhelmed and stressed.

The answer is NOT less and it’s not better organisation.

The answer is simply to do MORE, always, of what actually lights you up.

Do it now.
Do it all day.
Do it every day.

And fuck everything else.