Success/Success Mindset


I know what it’s like to struggle and suffer, wondering when your time will come and if you’ll EVER get there; live the life you were born for, step into being who you really ARE, and make it all happen.

I know what it’s like to have these BIG insane dreams where you just KNOW you were born for more and you also fully BELIEVE it, but yet at the same time fear and doubt and OMFG I don’t know HOW are RULING you, and somehow time is just ticking on FLYING on and you’re still.not.there.

I know what it’s like to be over 100k in debt, nearly bankrupt, to have sold my house, my car, my shares, even my fucking HANDBAGS to keep pouring money into this hungry hungry dream biz aka MONSTER while inside I’m TERRIFIED that maybe I’m wrong and not even terrified so much about the MONEY shit although fuck that’s scary but more so about the idea that maybe I am NOT that special after all and maybe I wasn’t actually called for a reason and maybe I’m just going to SINK INTO NORMAL.

I know what it’s like to accidentally built the wrong fucking business, the wrong fucking life, to be so damn off purpose and out of flow you don’t know WHICH way is up, to be stuck in sabotage, self-abuse, self-LOATHING and most of all the desperate desperate loneliness of feeling like nobody gets you, nobody really believes in you, your dreams maybe ARE insane and you DON’T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES.

I know what it’s LIKE gorgeous, to be so damn passionate, to have so much fire, to KNOW you have a message and powerful work to do but to just not be DOING it.

You think I’m here just to show my clients, my tribe, my COMMUNITY some strategies around online sales and marketing so people can make a few $$ online and not have to work a normal job?


And I’m here to help LEADERS, REVOLUTIONARIES, ELITE CREATORS AND PERFORMERS, those who are CALLED, who are the 1% within the 1%, to do the same.

I’m here to help YOU, because I ALSO know what it’s like to throw my hands up in the air, say FUCK THAT SHIT to everything which BOUND me, and to COMMIT to making money – BIG money and a big IMPACT – doing what I love and was BORN for.

I know what it’s like to now make MULTIPLE MILLIONS PER YEAR doing ONLY what I love, unleashing my TRUTH, and being the leader and artist I ALWAYS KNEW I WOULD BE.

I bled and I sweat and I figured it the fuck OUT to get to where I am, and I’m here to tell you that you CAN make money doing what you love, on your terms, be the leader and creator heading an EMPIRE, make millions and

But if it’s gonna happen then you are going to need to STEP THE FUCK UP.

Which brings me to this:

Honestly? Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother trying to EMPOWER you with this stuff, and sometimes I REALLY don’t know why you bother either!

I mean you have this AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, downright GOOSEBUMP-WORTHY magic to offer to the world and yet you continue to churn out this boring, bland, downright AWFUL stuff.

Okay, look, it’s not that bad I SUPPOSE. And before you go all keyboard harridan on me understand that what I’m saying to you? I’m saying ’cause I first had to whup my own ass about it.

But c’mon –

This? This is not the you who you were born to be.

This girl who plays it safe …

Who wants everyone to like her … (please!)

Who avoids saying what she REALLY thinks …

Who CAREFULLY FILTERS her every word, move, product, service, heck even thought!

Or worse still, doesn’t even show up at all.

Where is the REAL you in there? The one who has an OPINION? And God knows is not afraid to use it if it’s a screaming match at home but God forbid she should EVER let anybody in the ONLINE world see the real her!

Let me take a guess or three –

The REAL you is forthright (and then some!)

The REAL you can be AGGRESSIVE


Fly into a RAGE …

Want to SHAKE people …


And KNOWS she can change the world in fact is just ITCHING to do it.

The real you, quite frankly, is somebody who people would SIT UP AND LISTEN TO AND THEN PAY A FUCK LOAD OF MONEY TO.

Because the real you? This girl’s got balls. She ain’t no teacher baby, she is a LEADER. She has a CALLING. And she was born to make a DIFFERENCE. She knows that TRUE success, wealth, and being able to let her head hit the pillow at night where she FEELS good will only come when she takes off the brakes and goes FULL THROTTLE towards the life she was born for.

So she won’t be continuing to work on that BORING program just ’cause she put time and money into it!

And no she will NOT be spending even a second longer learning about all the Things That Must Be Done to Have a Pretty Website and Make Money Online!

And she doesn’t give a HOOT what anybody thinks of her.

She has a mission, she has a purpose, and she is ready to live it.

You know what else?

She’s gonna make millions. HELP millions. She was born to be BIG. And she’s ready for it now.

I don’t know how long it’s been since you met the real you, but honey? You have no more time left to hide from her. You have no more time left to keep living a grayscale version of your LIFE. And you have no more time left to NOT press play on the life, the CALLING you were born for.

I’m looking for FIVE MORE really freaking REAL kickass superheros, no LEADERS who are ready to step up and press play. We will be starting THIS week, in Rich Hot Empire my fully private 6-week 1:1 mentoring INTENSIVE.

This is about learning and IMPLEMENTING everything you need to know and exactly how to DO it, so you too can create a multiple 6-figure low-end online empire and then SCALE that to multiple 7-figures. Per year. Like I’ve done. Like my clients are doing. I’m going to give you access to EVERYTHING I do and let you all the way behind the scenes, and I’m going to be there for you with UNLIMITED support every step of the way to help you roll it on out.

My clients get results in the first few WEEKS baby. Because we cut the fluff and the BS and get straight to unleashing your MESSAGE whilst also SELLING THE FUCK OUT OF IT.

And of you, because THAT is what it’s about really, isn’t it?

You stepping up as a LEADER. Doing what you were BORN for. Quitting the BLAND.

Making money? Hell yeah, we’re going big.

Building your cult? You bet your ass.

And saying a big fuck you to the rules of How Business Must Be Done so that you can finally – FINALLY! – start doing business, life and YOU on your terms? That’s what it’s really about 😉

If we’re going to do this we need to talk NOW, and get you sorted; make sure you’re a great fit as we START IN JUST OVER A DAY.

This is a SERIOUS investment, both financially and in ALL other ways so only hit reply if you are COMMITTED to your success and willing to do what it takes, fast, and be pushed to make it happen.

Wanna know more and GET STARTED? Message me on Facebook NOW and I’ll send you a short video overview, a written breakdown, and even a livestream replay in which I go through every teeny-tiny detail of what we cover and what you can EXPECT.

Enough fucking around playing SAFE and small baby. You say you were born for big? PROVE IT.

I can tell you with CERTAINTY that the stuff you feel inside of you is for real. YOU CAN CREATE EVERYTHING YOU DREAM OF, and more.

But it is NOT going to happen by continuing to sit on your butt, HIDE, and hope that one day you magically just BECOME that person.

You’re going to need to take a HUGE fucking leap of faith, and start acting AS the revolutionary and empire-leader you were born to be and you’re going to have to do the WORK.

The good news is it is WAY fucking easier and simpler than what you think. I don’t FOLLOW or CARE about the rules of online marketing, about launch formulas and processes and CONFORMING. And I don’t believe you need to either.

I believe in doing business on my terms –

Speaking my TRUTH … you might have noticed! …

Doing it unapologetically as ME

Doing it the WAY I feel called to do …

Launching and selling and CULT TRIBE building easily, from the gut, no fluff no BS just RESULTS, and also having an EPIC FUCKING TIME with it.

My business and the way I make 200k+ per MONTh is all a result of the fact that I decided to say FUCK THIS SHIT to following the rules and made a COMMITMENT to being me, fully, and letting that awesome out onto the world.

I know what works.
I know how to work it.
I know how YOU can make serious money and a SERIOUS impact.
But YOU are going to have to bring it and get over your SCAREDY-CAT behaviour.

So if you’re ready …

And you’re SO damn sick of being so BLAND …

And you wanna RIP THE FUCKING BANDAID AND be the leader you were BORN to be?

Then wake the fuck up baby.

And press play now. MESSAGE me to talk about claiming one of the final 5 places in Rich Hot Empire.


You have UNLIMITED access to me.

This will change your LIFE.

Enough is enough.