Badass Business Babes

Okay, so now that you have watched my RATHER hilarious (if I say so and I do!) and of course kickass video to give you the straight up LOWDOWN, allow me to get down to bare-brassed business sister, with a very to the point and IMPORTANT question:

Are you a BADASS?
I don’t just mean do you wanna be a badass, are you trying to be a badass I mean are you a fucking BADASS bitch of a babe who is ready to own it in business and in life?!
‘Cause if you are? And you know it? And you are MORE than okay with shouting it out loud and proud to the world and truly stepping into your AWESOME???!
Well then I think you JUST might need to keep on reading! But just to give you a heads up here:

You want the stuff you say you want? 

Then you get to work today!


Are you ready for this? ‘Cause I sure as hell am!!

Introducing … BADASS BUSINESS BABES, a 19-Day Smackdown of LOVING ANGRY AWESOME to get you out there creating the business, the BODY, and also the LIFE you dream of!
But before you keep reading a quick and CRITICAL warning:
This shit? This ain’t for everyone. Um, der … obviously! But still. Has to be said. Cause this?
We’re talking no holds barred no BS TAKE NO PRISONERS WARFARE on having it ALL. Bitch. 😉
LET’S SEE IF YOU’VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES … and if you have the #ladyballs to get out there and take it!!

Where it all started … and what it’s all about …!

I’ve been dreaming this dream for a while now. It’s less of a dream, and more of a call to arms. And the thing is, that I well KNOW already:

VERY few will want to respond to what this is about, or even consider it.
It’s less of a PROGRAM, and more of a DISCIPLINE.

And these are the terms –

You must want it all, in all areas.
You want to be the TOP in your niche –
Make the MOST money –
And COMPLETELY on your terms.
But that’s not all.
You want to be in freaking SPECTACULAR shape.
A machine.
And you want to PUSH yourself like a machine as well.
You’re going to be ripped, an animal in the gym and a sleek and sexy FEMME FATALE in you clothes.


Because you can.
And because, truth be told?
You love the pain.
You love to be PUSHED to your highest limits and then go PAST them.
If it’s not hurting, you’re not living.
What others see as STRUGGLE you see as POWER.
Both within, and without.
In business, in the gym, and in life.
You consider that you can have WHATEVER you want in life. And you’re willing to do what it takes FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF YOURSELF AND OF OTHERS.
This is not just about you, it’s about impacting millions.
So yeah – if you have to be selfish about your time, your energy, about what you will and will not deign to do, then you’re gonna be.
You know your destiny is to run AHEAD of the pack, and show the way.
You have a message, you have a calling, and you’re NOT AFRAID TO USE ‘EM.
Million dollar business? Screw that, you’re going for 8 figures, 9, and beyond. Because why the hell wouldn’t you?
Is what you live by.
You repeatedly do what others won’t, so you can live a life they can’t.
And now?
You’re ready to step it up.
Not just in business.
Not just with fitness.
But with all of it.
Because deep down, you know –
Success is a battle, and if you wanna win it you better be equipped in ALL areas sister.
So no more fucking around.
No more half mast goals, or behaviours.
No more AVERAGE, and certainly no more aiming to BEAT the average when the average so-called SUCCESSFUL person bores the crap out of you.
Really, when you know you CAN have it all, why wouldn’t you just go get it?

Stop looking for a way to make it easy and find the hard you want to love!

So, what Badass Business Babes is really, is a battle cry.

For a certain type of woman.
For women who are ready to KICK THE ASS OUT OF LIFE.
To EXPLODE their energy.
Their MONEY.
Their very BREATH.
BADASS Business Babes.
Extreme business.
Extremely HOT body.
Extremely most EXCELLENT life and you.
All of it, completely badass and NOW. Well, in 19 days or so anyway.


This will ONLY work if you want to go BEYOND the edge in all of these areas.
You MUST already be a higher than high achiever in all areas, for YOU.
This is not a situation where I will be helping you CLIMB up from not already taking DAILY extreme action to create the life you want, it’s a situation where you CURRENTLY climb that hill daily, and you’re ready to know how to fly.

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So here’s how Badass Business Babes is gonna go down!

Over 19 days of angry ranty FUN and POWERFUL shit-getting done we are going to get you:

Katrina Ruth with arm sleeve tattoos photoshoot

Fired up and CAUSING AN UPSET in your business … let’s get those $$ rolling in and YOU actually doing the fucking work!
ON FIRE and LOVING WHO YOU ARE in your body .. enough of this BS say you can have it all but don’t really take it all nonsense! You deserve to be the best, look your best, feel your best, and NOT just ’cause obviously it’s going to make BUSINESS easier and YOU more productive but also because YOU ARE FUCKING HOT sister. Own it!
And FREAKING FANTASTICALLY FRENZIED about how damn fabulous your life is!
Basically, we’re going to have you take on and OWN the world in just the next couple of weeks.
Because really, since it’s possible and all … so long as you’re willing to STEP THE FUCK UP … well why the hell wouldn’t we?!
Answer: we would.

So you’ll be getting…

✔︎ Day to day in your face WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU NEED.  I’m talking daily hardcore truths and straight to the point smackdowns, laserasskickery, loving and of course ASSKICKERY from yours truly. Of course that’s just to keep momentum going, because here is where the EXTRA good badassery comes in to play.

✔︎ VIDEO SMACKDOWN: Pimp your life. For this to work and have a point? You better have a mother-freaking HOT plan for what you want. The business, the body, the life, the lifestyle – it’s time to stop apologising or feeling bad about being awesome and then dulling down what you REALLY want. You want it all then stand up and SAY it … or you’re chances of getting it? Kinda suck. In this training we’ll paint the FULL GLORY picture for exactly how your business, body, life and YOU is going to look in just 19 days – and beyond. We’re talking locked down ALIGNMENT though sister – no settling and no more hiding from the TRUE way you’re meant to change the world.

✔︎ Wake up and GO PODCAST OF TRUTH It’s time to stop fucking around. You already know you’re more capable, you work faster, think faster, heck you even sleep faster! So why aren’t you pushing yourself to the edge? Because it’s too easy not to. The truth is you can cruise along quite nicely and everybody is amazed at just how much you do. You wanna know why your motivation blows and you can’t seem to get your ass fully into gear even though the rest of the world thinks you’re superwoman. It’s because you’ve lost your edge. Your push. You’re not being CHALLENGED. You’re not really ALIVE. We’re going to change that. Very specifically. Very fast. In your business. In your fitness. In how you think. In who you are. Bring in the fanfare, because this thing? Is going to be LOUD.

✔︎ Sprinting to Rich JFDI Blueprint  NOBODY got rich by hanging out on the edge of their comfort zone or by doing the stuff they’re freaking GOOD at. To make a NAME for yourself, to change the WORLD, to make things spin so fast that people can’t see you for dust and to make the SERIOUS cash you need to go waaaaayyyy beyond safe. You need to step into GENIUS, but more than that – into full blown real raw POWER. Thing is – YOU KNOW YOU’VE GOT IT. This power, this energy, this FORCE within you. YOU KNOW YOU ARE A LEADER.

✔︎ Explode Shit Now ‘CAN YOU HANDLE IT’ Challenge List. You know that moment where you’ve hit your limit and your brain or your lungs or your very mind is about to burst and you KNOW you have to stop and then you KEEP GOING ANYWAY? Well … I’m going to hit you with some challenges that are going to scare the living pants off you but also get you to BADASS in every way if you do ’em. You don’t have to join in every single challenge if you don’t want to … but when you do? God you’ll know you’re living. And the results? Well they’re going to just start handing themselves to you. You are capable of SO much more than what even you realise. You operate at an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT LEVEL. It’s time to stop being scared by this, and to embrace it. You will be BLOWN AWAY at just how rapidly you can get shit out there that is your BEST WORK EVER when you CONSCIOUSLY put some pedal to the metal.

And that’s what this whole thing is about really, isn’t it?

The EASY part here is going to be getting a CRAPLOAD done in business, in fitness, for you, in just 6 weeks.
The FUN part is going to be that we’re doing it with unapologetic EXTREME superwoman tendencies.
The TOUGH part will be, perhaps, allowing yourself to believe that you really CAN be the 1% within the 1% in all areas and that you can do it in a way that makes life EASIER at the same time as what you push FURTHER.

The CHALLENGE, really, is whether you can CHOOSE TO LEAP and say HELL FUCKING YES to becoming a Badass Business Babe now!

Badass Investment Bitch!

Now it stands to reason that since I TEACH creating #hellyeahnobraineroffers I also insist on OFFERING

only hell yeah no brainer offers!

So actually, and you might already know this as I had mentioned it, Badass Business Babes was going to run over 6-weeks and go for a cool $497, not a bad deal if I do say so given HOW MUCH AWESOME THERE IS!
But this morning I woke up, jumped on a plane to Bangkok (am still on plane), started doing my journaling, and it hit me:
Fuck that shit.
The TRUE way for me to own MY awesome and actually the BEST way for me to kick YOUR ass is to get in there hard, fast, rough and brutal. Just how you like it 🙂
By which I mean: why take 6 weeks for something if we can just extract ONLY the awesome no filler no fluff, make it faster, more fun, more intensive, but also more RAPID for you, and do it in just a few weeks!
And also: why charge $497 if I can charge $197?!
Except actually … nah. Cbf’d.
Not feeling it! Don’t wanna!
So let’s keep it simple, and SUPER sweet.
Join Badass Business Babes today for just (whaaaat????!!!) $87. That’s a saving of 30% of the original price!!!

Click below now to purchase the home study program for just $87!


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